*Emergency* Please Give Your Opinion /Advice on Work & Childcare for My 2 Kids.

Updated on May 19, 2009
G.S. asks from McDonough, GA
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Hello Moms,

I live in Henry county and I am in a tight spot. Me and my husband have a home based business, but because of the economy sales are few and far between. Now I have to find work and am having no luck at all. My husband can't look after the kids for me to work because he has our business to tend to and I can't work without child care (That is when I do finally find a job). I also wanted to try going to school for a medical field (this will take about 2 yrs., It can wait my priority is my kids)

I basically have to find work immediately or face having to send our 2 kids (1 is 2 and other is 6) to their grandmother's house to live for a while so we can move out and stay somewhere less expensive(the kids shouldn't stay there). The problem is that the grandmother lives in a different county and it takes at least 19 hours to fly there, so after I left them there, I wouldn't even be able to see them for months. I know my 6 year old daughter would be fine, they have both been there before with me but have never been left there without me for more than a few hours. I am nervous to leave my younger daughter there because she is so attached. I can't seem to leave her anywhere for more than a few hours before she gets upset and wants me. I am also scared for myself, as I have never left them with anyone for more than 24 hrs. I will miss them tremendously(I already feel like my heart is being ripped out just from the thought of not being able to see them), but as my husband points out sadly; if I can't find any work we have to move. We don't own our house, we rent, but moving isn't a problem for me, I am just desperate to find work so I don't have to send the kids away. My husband wants to book a flight for me and the kids for may 28 so this is VERY URGENT!
All I have to do to stop this is find a decent paying job that has to pay more than minimum wage ($6.55). Minimum wage isn't enough to pay even the childcare expenses for my 2 little ones. I am willing do do almost anything (has to be legal of course, I'm not going to risk anything) any kind of work at all, it doesn't matter what I'd have to do, just as long as I find something very quickly. I am desperate, sorry to beg, but I don't really feel that I have any other choice right now. I have asked family and friends but no luck. I've even tried to call local churches to see If I could help out, but I leave message and don't ever hear back from them.

If you know anybody that needs help with anything please let me know about it. I can send you my resume, I just can't post it here for security reasons.

Please if you can find it in your heart to help me find a position somewhere. I would be eternally grateful. Bless you for reading my plea. Thanks for any thoughts or ideas that you can supply.

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So What Happened?

My and my husband are having arguement frequently because I'm not finding a job. He also says he won't give me any money for childcare, I have to find it myself. I also don't have enough time to finish schooling. He is now thinking just to leave us =(. He says we are holding him back and causing him too much stress. He claims that we didn't accomplish anything since were have been married. I left school a few years ago because i was about to have my 1st child. I made the mistake of going back to a dead end job instead of going back to school. My husband also insisted that I work instead of school. Now he is saying that he had no part in that. He is really a good man, we are just too stressed because the is nothing but problem after problem being thrown in front of us. He now claims that we are holding him back. I feel that I am about to go crazy with all this. I am the only thing that is holding this family together and i feel that i am starting to slip. I love him very deeply and don't want us to go apart, we are nothing without him, the stress is just becoming to much to bear. I pray everyday that I find work so that I can pay for childcare then maybe return to school. I just don't know what is going to happen next. Everytime I feel like I'm accomplishing anything something drastic always blocks me. Working is not an option when staying with their grandmother, she lives in India. My visa only allows me as a tourist and I don't speak the language there.

More updates to come...hopefully some good news for a change.

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Sending your children away is not even an option. Move whereever you must to survive. Apply at stores/places wanting someone to work nights if hubby has to have the 9 - 5 days for your business. Apply at daycare centers that usually give muchs reduced/free rates to employees. Move to another county that has lower rent but can still have your business. Look into the extended stay motels as a home base for awhile. Apply for food stamps. Go to the St Vincent DePaul Society at St James Catholic Church in McDonough and ask for assistance. You will do better with face to face encounters at churches when asking for help. Where do you attend church? You might be able to swap childcare with someone working another shift than you are. If your husband thinks the girls need to go then perhaps you need to go and stay with them and find work there. This is not a time for them to be separated from you. V.

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I am so sorry to hear about your situation G.. I have been in that same predicament but I am a single parent so I had no one else to help me with my 2 daughters, who at the time were 3 and 5. I wouldn't send them away because I spent years growing up being separated from my mother and siblings due to a bad divorce between my parents and until this day, I would still choose going through the bad times with her rather than without her. I know that as a parent you want what's best for your kids and you feel that you cannot provide that for them right now, but I would pack up my hubby and kids, put our heads together (even the little ones, you'd be surprised what their little minds come up with)and work it out together. I am in the hospitality industry and since I knew Florida was full of hotels/resorts and the cost of living is cheaper than here, we moved to Orlando where we had no friends and family and had the time of our lives because not only was I able to afford an apartment, but I was able to afford childcare with a starting income of $9.50/hr. My daughters are now 12 and 9 and begging to move back! I hope this advise helps and may you and your family be blessed!

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First off, do you mean you would have to send them to another country or county? I don't know of another county that is a 19 hour flight so I am assuming you mean country. I would have to say there is something wrong with your husband if he would suggest you send your kids to another country because you have fallen on rough times. I would live out of my car before I sent them to live that far away. I don't mean to be harsh but I can't believe that your husband would even suggest that. If you really need to rely on their grandmother for support than I say you go and live there as well. Maybe you can find a job there. I would not for any reason leave my kids. I would try to apply for a night shift job. There has to be something out there. Check out Craigslist for the daily jobs. As far as daycare, if you can't find an evening job I know butts county recreation offers childcare for $50 a week. Maybe Henry County has something like that as well. Keep searching for options. Call the department of employment or whatever it is called. I'm sure you can find some way to keep your kids. Good luck.



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I work from home for company called Arise. There is some cost to start up. But it is definitely legitimate. At least two of the ladies in my mom's group have worked for them for more than a year. The website is Arise.com. There is also a company called tutor.com that allows you to tutor students online from home. That one has no fees to begin. There is also a website www.womenforhire.com, that has a lot of information about legitimate work from home companies. They usually pay around $10/hour. And the great thing is, you get to choose your own hours, so you wouldn't have to put your kids in daycare at all.

I hope this information has been helpful. Good Luck!


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