What Would You Pay for Childcare?

Updated on May 11, 2010
T.L. asks from Mesa, AZ
7 answers


I was hoping to watch a few kids this summer (about my sons age) 5 or up.....
My house with a pool/would take them to fun events, summer activities, watch them for an 8 hour day.
What is a fair charge for this?

(I will only be watching two children, so legally it would be considered babysitting-not childcare)


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answers from Rochester on

I have a friend that takes care of kids during the summer... be very careful and check the local laws regarding operating child care from your home, and also the homeowners insurance with regards to having the pool.
Normal rates run anywhere from $30 to $75 dollars a day depending on age and length of time.

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answers from Chicago on

Depends on your area and the going rate. I provide all the food and such and it breaks down to $45 a day per child---actually I do a weekly set rate of $225 that is paid whether or not the child comes.

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answers from Austin on

Are you feeding them snacks and lunch? Are you covering the art supplies, gasoline and event costs? Do you have booster seats? You might need to work up a forecast of food, supply and gasoline costs so you can determine what you need to charge in order to cover your expenses and make a little money for your time also.

Our daycare costs run $40 a day in the summer, including food and supply costs. I would anticipate that you should charge less than the cost of a formal daycare.

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answers from Dallas on

Around here, in-home childcare rates are about $25/day per child.

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answers from Denver on

I have done the same and watched one child in addition to my own. I did supply snacks and lunch and made $10/hour (for one child). It really depends on the going rate where you are. Check Craigslist or the newspaper and you'll see about what you can charge to stay competitive and make it worth your while at the same time.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I pay $125.00 a week for daycare it includes all food and is ten hours a day



answers from Phoenix on

I don't live in the valley any more but that sounds a little high. Full-time childcare for one under 5 is only about $25 a day. I would think $20-30 a day would be fair and maybe extra if you are doing an activity like the zoo or museum. Good luck.

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