Childcare Expenses: Myself

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What Would You Pay for Childcare?

T.L. asks from Phoenix

Hello, I was hoping to watch a few kids this summer (about my sons age) 5 or up..... My house with a pool/would take them to fun events, summer activities, watch ...


FSA Account for Daycare Expenses

M.C. asks from Houston

I'm interested in beginning a FSA account to cover childcare expenses but am not entirely sure how it works. If anyone out there uses one and can provide an overview...


How Much to Pay Childcare Provider

S.H. asks from Chicago

I am trying to find information on how much to pay my child care provider. My son is 6 months old and will be starting at a woman's home in a couple weeks. She has ...


Beauty School-is This a Worthwile Career

A.B. asks from Chicago

I am a stay at home mom with a child in kindergarten and one in second grade, I am considering going back to school or going back to work next year and one of the thi...


Seeking Info/advice on Flexible Spending Acct. for Childcare Expenses

K.O. asks from Dallas

Hello, Since I just started back to work recently and we have our little one in daycare, my husband and I are contemplating enrolling in the Flexible Spending Acct...


Childcare Expenses and Taxes

N.K. asks from Chicago

When I return to work this fall (I'm a teacher) my 6 month old son will be staying in our home with a babysitter. I "assumed" that the money we will be paying the bab...


Doing My Taxes - Qualified Childcare Expenses

T.K. asks from Dallas

I am filling out my return and hit a bit of a wall. I changed child care providers this year. The in-home lady that has always kept my children was fine with me rep...


For Those Moms Who Gave up a Career to Stay Home... or Thought About It

D.M. asks from Denver

So so torn... IF it were possible to give up my job - which I love, which pays over 100K per year.. which is flexible with my schedule (other than occaional overnig...


Hubby Miserable in Chosen Career...

M.A. asks from New York

Hey Mama's.... I need some help/advise here.. Major issue.. Hubs is miserable in his chosen profession.. I'm a stay at home mom of 4 (8 year old daughter, 7 year old ...


Money & Marriage

H.V. asks from Cleveland

How is Money handled in your marriage? Do you agree with the statement "I make the money, I make the rules" I'm just curious as to what goes on with money in other ...