Car Seats: Dora the Explorer

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Dora the Explorer Carseat and Booster Question

M.L. asks from Houston

I was looking at booster seats the other day, and I saw this thing and it is truly horrifying! Oh my goodness, has anyone else seen it? (I will link it in the 'so wha...


Help! My 2 Year Old Can Get Out of His Car Seat While I'm Driving.

E.R. asks from Chicago

I have a 2 year old son who is tall for his age (he's 3 ft) and is way too big for an intermediate-toddler carseat and has been using a "big kid" car seat for the pas...


Fun Educational Videos for Toddlers/kids When Traveling.

B.H. asks from Salt Lake City

We are moving to MO in April and driving. It'll be about a 22 hour journey with our toddler. I was wondering what educational videos you have enjoyed for your kids. W...


Going the Distance with a Two Year Old BOY!!!!!!

M.G. asks from Dallas

i need advice on how to drive 8 hours with a two year old boy that will not stay in his car seat the whole time and gets very hyper with any kind of sedative such as ...


Help with 2Yr Olds Hair Care

A.R. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 2yr old with alot of hair. I was using baby shampoo when she was born till about when she was 1yr old, she just seemed to have an itchy scalp. So I switched ...


Looking for Long Road Trip Tips and Tricks with a 2.5 Yr Old

W.D. asks from Chicago

We are about to travel from Chicago to the East Coast by car and would love to hear what those of you who have done it have found helpful while traveling for 16+ hour...


Long Plane Trip with Very Difficult Toddler

X.W. asks from Pocatello

We are planning a trip to South America to visit family. I have a 3 year old daughter that is a screamer and tantrum thrower when she doesn't get her way. She used to...


Trip to Alberta Canada from Iowa with 10 Month Old

B.M. asks from Des Moines

In July we are going to visit my mom in Canada, we are driving. it is about 25 hours to drive. We are going with my inlaws. I need advice on how to keep her entertain...


Help with Ideas for Cd Party Favor for 5 Year Olds

D.G. asks from Philadelphia

My son is turning five next month and we are hosting his birthday party at a local playground. I've been racking my brain with party favor ideas and have finally dec...


Potty Training Advice

R.N. asks from Kansas City

My son is just about 17 months old and we are thinking of trying to potty train him (you never know until you try!). Are there books you could recommend? More speci...