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Flying with a Pack N Play

We're going to be flying with our 15 month old next month and would like to take our Pack N Play. I've never taken a Pack N Play on an airplane. Do I check it, or carry it on, or have it stowed underneath with the strollers?

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Sleeps Best in Car Seat

I have a 4-month-old daughter who sleeps best in her car seat. She slept in a bassinet for the first 6 weeks, co-slept for the next 6 weeks, and has been in a crib for the past 6 weeks. On average she sleeps for about 10 hours (in a three hours, three hours, four hours pattern). However, when she is in her car seat she will sleep for longer stretches (6-7 hours), and even slept through the night once. I don't mind her sleeping in her car seat, but I'm just wondering what it is about it that helps her sleep longer (The elevation? The...

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Pack N Play or Co-sleeping

Hi All Mommies, My brain is on overload right now with all the products out there for babies. This is my first baby, and with so much info..........HELP Please. My baby is due in Feb. so I have some time ,however , I would love some advice. I already know which crib I would like to have but I'm a lil scared to put my baby in it right after birth. I've read about Pack N Plays and Co-sleeping. I'm wondering if the Pack N Play is a waste of $$ or would it be better to put my baby in the bed with me (just in the beginning ). It seems using a...