Car Seat Transition / from Infant to Toddler Carseat.

Updated on August 05, 2011
B.C. asks from Miami Beach, FL
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Hello, I am trying to do some research on the car seat guidelines etc. The manual information from my infant car seat is contradicting with the manual information from my toddler car seat manual (lbs/age) my chubb is 9 months 30.5 long and 25lbs. In addition prepping for 18 hrs drive each way family vacay, so stressing out about kids comfort. My 4 year old seems to like her britax convertible. Any advise on your favorite convertible car seat would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm not really sure what your question is?? Your baby should be out of the infant car seat (unless you have a new 35lb weight limit one) and should still be rear facing. Even if they are over the weight limit (which is 20lbs) you cannot face forward until at least 12 months, although recommendations are for anywhere between 2-3 nowadays. We have an Evenflo Triumph which is great. It's kinda bulky, but other than that, I love it. The best feature is the turning handle to secure the belt. It's reasonably priced and my son seems to be fine sitting in it and often falls asleep, as long as it's near naptime anyway!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

We love our britax boulevard. I've bought 2 now. One for each of my little ones. The thing I love about it is it can stay rear facing to 40 lbs it you want. My kids however were too tall to keep them rear facing before too long. However, We loved the reclining posistion you can have it in. My 20 month old sleeps most of the time we are in the car and I have her reclining so her head doesn't flop all over. My 3 yr old love to sit right up so I have hers in the full upright position.

Forward facing you can have your child in it till they are 70 lbs. So this is a carseat that we'll have for a long time. The price of the carseat is $319, but I've never paid over $200 for mine. I just watch all over the web for sales. has sales all the time on them. Note that I like the boulevard also because of theadjustable head support the other models don't seem to have this. It's really easy to adjust the carseat without having to remove it. Also note that all the adjustable parts in this carseat adjust easily and quick without having to remove the carseat. Love it!!!

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answers from Washington DC on

I would choose one that has some depth too it. My daughter has a Cosco seat with shallow depth in our truck. When she falls asleep her head is ALWAYS falling forward. Very uncomfortable.

In my car she has a Britax Marathon. Very deep. She sleeps very well while traveling.

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answers from Tampa on

Are you moving him into a convertible seat (i.e. Britax Marathon or Graco My Ride 65) or a toddler seat (i.e. Britax Frontier or Graco Nautilus)? You don't want to do a toddler seat yet as they don't rear face. But it's definitely time to move into a convertible like the Marathon or My Ride 65.

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answers from Detroit on

The manuals usually state the limits, but since they are making the limits higher these days, they are usually not met before switching. Definitely switch him to the convertible if that's what you're asking. keep him rear facing. if buying one, choose one that has good safety ratings, but that goes to at least 40 pounds or more so you can use it til he's 4 or 5, especially if you think he'll continue to be big for his age.

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answers from Seattle on

It seems like you already know the answer! We moved our little one to the britax marathon and bought a britax frontier for the older one at this points yes check for the best deals, or buy new in box on eBay!

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answers from Augusta on

I used evenflo triumph great seat, you would still have to use it rear facing ,because you child isn't a year old AND 20lbs .
Not sure what your question is though.

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