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Kiddopatamus Neck Support

At one of my showers I received a Kiddopatamus head support for my son’s car seat. Are these safe to add to your infants car seat? Do infants need the extra head support? Could these do more harm than good? Any advice good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks!


Car Seat ?

My son is 11 months and weighs about 22 pounds, woould it be okay to turn...

Multiple Car Seats

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Problems with Infant in a Car

My grand daughter is 5 months old. She has never been a good rider in the car. I thought she might be car sick, or I thought maybe her car seat was not comfortable, but how can you tell with one so young? This is all new to me because I could put my kids in the car and they would sleep everywhere we went. There were times that I'd put them in the car and drive around if they couldn't sleep. But this baby cries and never sleeps in the car. Any suggestions?

Travel Systems & Convertible Car Seats

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Lightweight Stroller for 2 Year Old

I want to get a light weight stroller but wondering if it's too late to invest in one. My son still likes to use his stroller , we still use the one from his travel system. It's chicco keyfit 30 , wonderful stroller but bulky. I checked out some light weight strollers at babies R us and needed your help choosing one. I don't want to spend a LOT , but don't want to buy the cheap $25 umbrella stroller as well. I looked at chicco lightweight strollers , but most have then don't have tray and cupholders. I would love to have a tray and...