Car Seats: Cosco Alpha Omega

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Car Seat ?

My son is 11 months and weighs about 22 pounds, woould it be okay to turn him around.I know you are supposed to wait until they are one and at least twenty pounds but he is really hating his car seat now and he looks a little silly being that big facing rear.He is crawling and has taken a few steps so he seems strong enough.Any thought would be appreciated.thanks

Car Booster Seat

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How to Clean a Carseat?

I was wondering how to clean a convertible carseat. It is a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite. I cleaned her infant seat at least once a week. We have had this carseat for four months , and it is so dirty.

Car Seats for Small Cars

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Car Seat Advice

I have a 6 1/2 month old son. Hes a big boy. Already 22 pounds. The car seat that i have right now is 5-22 lbs.Hes about to outgrow that one. I think he is too young for a front faced car seat but all the rear faced ones are to 30 lbs. What should i get?? Dont wanna buy a car seat then in 2 months buy another when hes 30 lbs. Advice??


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Convertible Car Seat

Hi Everyone, My daughter is approaching 20 pounds and we are looking for a convertible car seat that we can still use rear facing until after she is a year old and then use front facing. With so many choices I was wondering what some favorites are? We are looking for something that is obviously very safe and easy to install. Thanks!


Car Seat Questions

My little baby is not so little anymore. I have a couple of questions. 1. ...

Multiple Car Seats

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Next Car Seat

We are about to purchase a new car seat for our one year old. We are trying to decide what brand to get and whether or not to get the convertible or not. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!!


Advice on Car Seat

My daughter will be one year old next month and she is still in her infant...


Car Seat Dilema

Hi Mommas! Here is my dilema: When I was pregnant I bought an infant car...


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New Car Seat

My son is just about to outgrow his first car seat. I would like to buy a...


Convertible Car Seat

Hi Everyone, My daughter is approaching 20 pounds and we are looking for a...

Travel Systems & Convertible Car Seats

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Car Seat for Airplane Travel

My daughter is 11 months old and we are looking for another convertible car seat for my husbands car (we have a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite as our primary for my car), but one that also will be able to be used on an airplane (we will be taking a trip in a few months). I know we have to look for one that is "approved for air travel", but is there one that would be universal that would work on any airline or does it really depend on the airline and the width of their seats? Also, we really would prefer not to pay more than $100 since we...