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Updated on September 25, 2008
T.P. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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we are going on vacation and bringing our infant car seat - Peg Perego (2005 model) and i heard from a friend that we don't have to bring the base but could strap the car seat with the seat belts. is this true? and if so, how?


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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses. I continued to research with peg perego and it turns out its new car seat you can use without a base but not the old model (the one I have). We have also since taken our trip and brought the base with us.

Thank you again.

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Here's the link to and the answer to your question- yes your seat requires the base to be used.

I posted this question over on a carseat forum will update with their the meantime your manual should be clear about this.....I do that the Pegs at one point did require the base to be used all the time unlike other infant seats like Graco Snugrides which can be used without the base if needed. If you don't have the manual anymore you could also call Peg. The Peg website doesn't seem to have old manuals and you want the one specific to your year...they changed their seats quite a bit in the last year.




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You can use the seat belt. The infant seat should have directions on it somewhere or check the website.



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You shouldn't need the base at your destination. The base was just designed so it is easier to get the seat in and out of the car, but you can strap the car seat right in. If you don't have your manual, go to the Peg Perego website:

They have their instruction manuals online in pdf format.

Good luck!



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I am not familiar with that seat in particular, but many infant seats I have seen/used can be strapped in that way. The ones I have seen come with a little seat belt clip- it is usually attached to the seat on the bottom. The ones I have seen are gold in color and about an inch by 2.5 inches. You just take it off the infant seat and attach it to the seat belt in order to cinch the seat belt so it is tight. Many people will buckle their seats in without that clip and that is NOT safe- the seat belt will be too lose to be effective. I would check the manufacturer's website, I bet you can download directions. Enjoy your vacation.



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There should be a way to strap the car seat with just the seat belt. We did that when we went to Colorado and didn't want to lug the base with and it worked just fine.



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you will need the base for in the car when you get to your destination
i didn't know you couldn't use the base




answers from Rockford on

If your seat can be used in the car without a base, it should be fine on the plane without one as well. However I know there are a few models out there that require the use of a base always. Definitely check your instruction manual. Sometimes the design of airplane seat belts make it hard to get a good fit so you will have to, if the seat allows, just install it without the base.

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