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Maclaren or Chicco

Hi Mama's! So I am registering for a few items I need-since it is the 2nd baby I don't need much. I have always wanted the Maclaren stroller-so those of you who know which one is better and is the Maclaren any different from the newer competitors like Chicco? For me, I want to be able to adjust the height or have higher handles Thanks! B.

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Good Quality Umbrella Stroller- Maclaren, Uppa Baby, Combi??

Would like feedback on a good quality umbrella stroller. I have been looking at all price ranges but have eliminated down to 3- the Maclaren Volo, Uppa Baby G-lite, or Combi Helio. I am not set on these but from my research thus far they seem pretty solid. I am traveling overseas for a couple weeks and need something that's easy to fold up and take out, light weight, sturdy (want it to last), and easy to maneuver. And of course, a bonus if it doesn't cost a fortune! I appreciate your feedback!

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Which Maclaren Do You Like??

My husband and I are going to register next week. My uncle is buying us the UPPA baby stroller, which will be our main stroller. We also want to register for an umbrella stroller. I have heard and read great things about the maclaren, but there are so many to choose from. Do you think its worth the extra money for the reclining seat? What are the other differences? This stroller will mostly be used when we travel to Florida to see my in-laws. Thanks in advance! S.