Need a Travel Pillow for the Car and a Toddler Travel Bed

Updated on July 21, 2010
K.B. asks from Woburn, MA
5 answers

We're bringing our 2.5 yo and 6 mo on a short vacation in a couple of weeks. First, I'm looking for ideas for more comfortable sleep in the car during our long drive. I can't stand it when their little heads are hanging down as they sleep. Do those neck pillows really work? I'm afraid the 2.5 yo will refuse it since he won't plan to fall asleep anyway. I need something that can be permanently attached to his car seat. Same with the baby. I think he would just play with the neck pillow. Again I need something that would become part of the car seat. I had to remove the head rest from the infant seat since it was too small.

I'm also looking at toddler beds. (The baby is all set in a pack & play). We're staying with friends so there is no other bed available. Some of the inflatable ones look OK but there are quite a few to choose from, many are pricey and I've read some bad reviews; "they not really comfy, they're noisy when the kid rolls around..." Any advice would be appreciated.



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answers from San Francisco on

we usually just pile up some blankets and comforters and make our toddler a "nest" on the floor.


answers from New York on

My daughter use the Kidco Peapod bed when we just move here. She only slept there 3 nights but used later to play, is very compact when closed and very light too.



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answers from Seattle on

I always bring our *regular* pillows with us when cartripping (and pack a few extra pillowcases... because they get dirty).

Regular pillows SMELL "right", and can be squashed (ahem, er, positioned) into just about any position that's needed. (Against a window, in the side/front of a seat, corner tucked into straps, etc.) Then they also make bedtimes while traveling easier, because, again... they smell right and are already known to be comfy/ the right "type" of pillow.

2nd for the peapod & sleeping bag... but we usually just snugged kiddo up in bed with us.


answers from Milwaukee on

Hi K.,

For the pillow, we bought our daughter the Pillow Pet. She loves hers and takes it everywhere with her just in case she gets tired. For the toddler bed, we bought a foam mattress pad that we could roll up and also a sleeping bag. You can get a really inexpensive foam pad for cheap that you can put the sleeping bag on top. Its quiet too. :)

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