What Type of Travel System Do You Recommend?

Updated on March 02, 2010
L.N. asks from Wallingford, PA
7 answers

Hello all,
I have a 4 year old and am expecting another child in april. My 4 year old still loves his stroller, in the mall, on the boardwalk, to take long walks. So, I am looking for a travel system that also has either a step board and seat or a stroller that converts into a double stroller when needed. I think that he will be out of it by the time he turns 5 (october) so I don't want to go all out and buy a double stoller. I looked up the sit and stand by baby trend and I wanted to see if anyone recommends that stroller or if their is another that works better. I personally like the travel systems (includes: car seat, stroller hook up, and base), however, I am looking for whatever will work the best. I like something that is somewhat lightweight, easy to fold, if it has a buggy board, then I want it to be comfortable to be able to walk with it. Please, any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, L.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We have the sit and stand for our 3 1/2 year old and 1 year old and it is perfect! We take it everywhere and our 3 1/2 year old likes it because when he gets tired of walking, he can sit, or if he's bored of sitting he can stand up. It also has cup holders, pretty good storage on the bottom for the diaper bag and a snack tray for the baby, or you can remove it for the car seat. I would highly recommend it for anyone with two little ones around these ages.



answers from Indianapolis on

You may want to check One Step Ahead - we received the catalog over the weekend, and they have a mechanism that attaches to any stroller that allows it to covert to a standing attachment.

When we were making decisions, we checked out the ratings on both Target.com and BabiesRUs.com. We weren't really impressed with what we saw on Consumer Reports website. But, the reviews of parents on the other two sites were really helpful.

We did use a Graco travel system for both of our kids and loved it. Unless you're planning on using it as a jogging stroller, etc (they're awful for much more than taking a walk around the neighborhood/mall).



answers from Allentown on

Hello. Also by Baby Trend that you can get from the catalog "One Step Ahead" is a double stroller that converts into a sit and stand that can accomidate any baby carrier. I have one (my older child is younger than your older one) and I love it. It is just like the regular sit and stand but has a second seat that comes off. Hope this helps. -N. J



answers from Los Angeles on

I heard the strollers that come with travel systems are not very good. I read it in a book called baby bargains (By Denise Fields). You might want to check it out, I got it at barnes & noble. It'll give you suggestions on a good car seat and a good stroller. (Even ones that might fit together.) With the guidance of the book, I decided on a snug ride car seat and a snug rider stroller frame until the baby out grows the car seat. It's awsome, I love it!! The stroller frame is super light, much better than if I'd gotten a travel system. The book really helped me with all the baby gear I purchased (I took it along on shopping trips), and I still refer to it whenever I'm going to buy anything for my 6 month old. It was totally worth the $$$.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Just watch your weight limit...I think most max out at 40 lbs. for the older child. We're borrowing a Sit N Stand as our daughter is already 34 lbs at 3 and her baby brother or sister is due in 6 weeks. I'm guessing we'll be using it for just this calendar year...

Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

We have, and love the joovy caboose ultralight.
It is so smooth and easy to push and turn.
I have been out with friends, who have various double or sit-n-stand models, the Joovey Caboose Ultralight is by far the easiest to push and steer.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi L.,
I have a 3 1/2 year old and a little one and we use the Phil and Ted Sport convertible double stroller. It is AMAZING!!! My older child is very busy and has no desire to sit in a stroller on a regular basis, but will ride for exercise walks (for me) or if there is a location we're headed to (like ice cream!) The stroller is a single/double conversion. It is built like a jogger--3 wheels, rubber tires and works great everywhere-including the brick road I live on! It is super narrow and will easily fit through doors to get into the mall, etc. It is fairly light and folds easily to fit in the back of a small SUV or regular size car trunk. It does have a travel system bar attachment, but I thought the best thing was that when my daughter was very small, the main seat lays completely flat like a bassinet. The second seat sits either on top or behind so everything remains in line without the "double wide" issues. Another benefit is that this one has higher weight limits. The main seat goes up to 50 lbs and I think that the back seat goes to 40lbs or a total weight of 80lb for both kids. It is expensive, but I think it has been worth every penny! Check online for good deals on discontinued fabrics or try price grabber or craigslist.com Email me with any other questions :)

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