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To Travel or Not...

I am about to start a full time job after freelancing for the last 7 years. Although I did work full time last year (part time before), I belonged to no one and could still travel when I wanted, and my family and I do love to travel. With the new job I will have little vacation time. We are also planning on another baby in the very near future (currently have a 5 year old son), and I know once that happens, my trips will not be the same as they can be now. My son can hike, kayak, and backpack with us, all things I want to do. I really...

Booster Seat

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How to Clean a Carseat?

I was wondering how to clean a convertible carseat. It is a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite. I cleaned her infant seat at least once a week. We have had this carseat for four months , and it is so dirty.

Car Rides & Road Trips

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Best Car Seat for Long Road Trip

Hi moms, Can anyone recommend a good car seat that is comfortable for their toddler to sleep in on a long road trip. We have the Cosco Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat and on the drive from Chicago to Minnesota (takes us 8 hours) our daughter cried and was saying ouch while trying to sleep. We live in the city so we don't use the car seat much, but when we do drive to Minnesota to visit my family I want her to be comfortable and sleep well, so I am willing to buy a new one, even if it is expensive. It might just be that my daughter is just not...


Toddler Car Seats

Can anyone recommend a good Toddler car seat. My daughter is not old enough...

Car Seats

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Car Seat ?

My son is 11 months and weighs about 22 pounds, woould it be okay to turn him around.I know you are supposed to wait until they are one and at least twenty pounds but he is really hating his car seat now and he looks a little silly being that big facing rear.He is crawling and has taken a few steps so he seems strong enough.Any thought would be appreciated.thanks

New Car

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Which Car Seat to Buy

My DD just turned 1 this week. and subsequently is also to big for her infant carrier. I have a Mazda RX8, very small anyone know what cardeat will fit best in that type of car. Any suggestions on which one to buy. Several people I have talked to said the Cosco Alpha Omega...any other ideas.


New Child Car Seat

My son will be turning one soon and I will need to purchase a new car seat. ...


Choosing a Family Car

I currently drive a Ford Escort that is on its' last leg. So we are looking...