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Travel System and Crib Recommendation for Infants

We are not sure whether to go with Graco or Chicco brands for travel system.Chicco seems to be more compact and light weight.Please let me know if you have used any of them (specific models) and recommend them. Also, what features you loved in yours? We are willing to spend more on this for safety reasons.We looked at some in babies R us , but there are so many choices in both these brands and it's very confusing! Also, need help deciding on a crib. Any recommendations? I have heard many models have been recalled recently , so not sure...

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Question Regarding Crib Recall

Hi Moms, I just have a quick question. The model crib that we bought for our daughter has just been recalled within the past few days. I sent my info via the internet and received a package from the company. They said that we should stop use of our crib immediately and take all of the hardware, bolts, mattress support pieces off and send them back to the company in order to get a voucher to purchase a new crib. The only thing I don't quite understand is what they expect us to do with our child's sleeping arrangements for 7-10 days while we...