Maclaren Triumph Vs. Combi Twin Sport Stroller?

Updated on April 19, 2010
K.L. asks from San Jose, CA
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Hi Moms,

My daughter turned 2 years old last week, and I am expecting my second child (boy) in two days.... so my kids will be almost exactly two years apart. I'm looking for a double "umbrella type" stroller. I am considering the Maclaren Triumph or the Combi Twin Sport. Has anyone used either (or both) of these? If so, which would you recommend?

My specific questions are:
-How well does each one fold up?
-What is the weight of each stroller?
-Can you feel the difference between the kids in the side by side?
-How does it turn (tight turns?)
-Comfort for each child? --My 2 year old is currently 30 pounds and 35 inches tall!
-sun shade on the Combi? (I know the sun shade on the Maclarens aren't that great.)

I plan on using the stroller for:
-quick trips
-getting through smaller doorways

We already have the BOB Duallie and LOVE it. We've already used it (with just my daughter) and it's great. She loves it. We plan on using the double BOB for all day excursions or jogging/walking trails.

So the Combi or the Maclaren will mainly be used for an "every day stroller" that is comfortable for both kids as well as versatile.
I currently have a single Maclaren Quest for my daughter and I LOVE that it's so easy to fold up and lightweight. Is the Maclaren Twin the same or does it fold up differently? I am familiar with the Maclaren brand since we have the Quest, but not familiar with the Combi, so if you have any experience using that one, please let me know as well....

Here are the links to both strollers on Amazon:

Thank you for any suggestions, tips or experiences with either (or both) strollers that you can share!


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answers from Las Vegas on

I had both the Maclaren and Combi singles. Hated the Combi and loved the Maclaren. The Combi was very cheaply made. The front latching bracket you open for easy entry/exit was so cheap my daughter had that thing mangled. As well, we are a little on the taller side and the Maclaren worked better for our height as well as the wheels were in a better position for our feed. We always seemed to kick the wheels of the Combi. Sorry...that's it I am on my last baby, no need for a double.

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answers from Gainesville on

We have a Combi double and I like it because it is very light, holds my 40lb 5 year old, fold up pretty tightly and easily, turns easily, has good sunshade. I don't every have much trouble maneuvering it and I'm by myself quite a bit when I use it. I get in and out of doors in the malls, docs office, etc by myself-I back in. My only complaint is that the baskets underneath are very small and hard to access.



answers from San Francisco on

I have the Sport Combi (side by side) love it love it!! it's 21lbs and my son is 2yrs old and 35lb and my daughter is 9mo. When she was smaller i just used the car seat carrier (not from Combi) and it worked great.

Good Luck


answers from San Francisco on

I hope you get lots of replies specific to these two strollers. I don't have twins or either of these strollers, but I will say that I really missed the full bar handle when I transitioned away from my first travel system.. One bar allows you to successfully move the stroller one handed (ie when on the phone, drinking, etc). It looks like the combi has this and the Maclaren doesn't. That being said, I've heard great things about Maclaren and I bet you can buy an add on handle bar if you crave one. Happy shopping!



answers from Seattle on

I work at a specialty baby shop and have sold many of both of these strollers to parents. Keep in mind that the maclaren doesn't have a full recline so you cannot use it until the baby can hold its head up on its own. the combi can be used right away as it does recline. They even have the combi shuttle carseat that will hook on to the stroller to make it a travel system and the baby will be facing you. Have you considered using the prince lionheart stroller connectors? They are only about $10 and can connect two similar strollers. I love them. My boys were two years apart and I did have a double umbrella stroller and two singles for when my hubby and I were together we could each push one or easily connect them.

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