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Which Car Seat Should I Buy?

I've come upon the age old dilema - which car seat do I buy? My 6 month old daughter has outgrown her infant car seat. She is 19 pounds and 28 inches tall. Currently I have a Evenflo Triumph Advance which I am fairly happy with, especially the fact that this car seat is adjustible and you never have to move the strap, you just turn a knob and it tightens down. My only complaint is that her head falls forward when she falls asleep, which wasn't a problem in her infant seat. I've rolled up a towel to tilt the car seat back some but it...


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Best Car Seat for Long Road Trip

Hi moms, Can anyone recommend a good car seat that is comfortable for their toddler to sleep in on a long road trip. We have the Cosco Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat and on the drive from Chicago to Minnesota (takes us 8 hours) our daughter cried and was saying ouch while trying to sleep. We live in the city so we don't use the car seat much, but when we do drive to Minnesota to visit my family I want her to be comfortable and sleep well, so I am willing to buy a new one, even if it is expensive. It might just be that my daughter is just not...