Trying to Sell or Rent Out My House.

Updated on April 29, 2007
E.T. asks from Clearwater, FL
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My husband is in the military and we are being transfered to Georgia in July. We have had our house on the market for quite a while now and we haven't even had a bite. We are now considering renting it out for a couple years so we can wait til the market picks back up. I just want some ideas from other people who have rented their houses on the best way to advertise. We have to do this fast. Any ideas would be great. I know there's always the paper but if something else has worked for someone else please let me know. Thank you.

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My husband and I are currently in the market to BUY a house in that area. Can you email me more about the house



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Talk to your agent. If he or she doesn't have any good ideas, find a new one. Unless there is something seriously wrong with your house, it should move if you have it listed at a great price.

Also, your agent should also be able to rent it for you.

Tell me if you need help, L. J., Sand Key Realty



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Have you tried "For Sale by"? They post homes for sale and rent to a millitary market. I have never used it, but have had several friends post their homes and find rentors. There are a lot of military families in the same boat as you. They need somewhere for a year or two and don't want to buy. It's a thought. Also, look for an agent that handles mainly rentals, they have a larger base for people lookig to rent and not buy. R.



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Well I'm sure what you will rent it for is not in my budget..but it doesn't hurt to ask..My baby is due May 28 and I live with my Mom right now. I really need my own place, my Mom is great but I just need to get out on my own. What is the price you would be renting it for?

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