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Luvs V. Huggies?

Hi All We're trying to find ways to save money where we can (aren't we all!) and I was wondering if anyone has used Luvs diapers? Huggies have worked best for our kids, historically (fewer leaks than Pampers). Any advice is appreciated!

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Are Luvs Diapers Any Good?

We are always trying to save money and I wondered if Luvs diapers actually work. We use Pampers at night since little one sleeps pretty heavy and use what coupons we can. We get a lot more coupons for Huggies so we use them some during the day even though they don't work as well. Could we use the Luvs in the same way? During the day when he willl be changed often? Or will they blow out like crazy? What are the best cost effective diapers?


Diapers - What Kind?

My daughter is 21 months old and we've been buy Pampers since she was a...


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What Size Should I Get My Son

Hello again. I am coming on to ask what size diapers and what brand you all recommend. I put him in a size 3 right now. But he keeps leaking through to his clothes. I am also using store brand. Should i go and get LUVS or any named brand diaper. Please help me