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Elmo Obsessed Baby!

My 17 month old is absolutely obsessed with Elmo and wakes up in the morning calling HIS name and not mine! ; ) We currently have Elmo in Grouchland which she loves to watch daily, multiple times if I let her (I am sure many of you can relate!)...are there any other movies with Elmo out there other than the Elmo's World series? Thanks for the help, my sanity depends on it!


Elmo Birthday Party

I am considering having an Elmo birthday party when my daughter turns 2. I...


Selling Our House

Hello, we are planning on selling our house in the next 10 months(hopefully)...


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14 Months Old Enough to See an Elmo Show Live?

My son is 11.5 months old. I would love to buy tickets to the Elmo 1-2-3 Imagine Show playing live at the Cox Convention Center this March (OKC). He will be 14 months old then. Right now he does great in a stroller or car seat but needs constant entertainment/stimulation when sitting still. We don't go to restauarants much, probably should for the practice. I would LOVE to take him to watch the show but don't know what life will be like then or if he will even enjoy it. He doesn't watch any TV, except over my shoulder from the kitchen...