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Does Not Feel like Home

How do you find a community that feels like home? One that you want to go out and meet your neighbors and feel connected. Any one recently found a place or moved that they are making friends? Please share your experience and how you were able to locate that place for yourself. The books are great to read, the internet is great to surf, the forums are a good discussion forum, but so missing the one on one interaction with an adult.

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Should I Buy a Double Stroller? Which One?

Hi. Our boys will be 22 months apart when our son is born and I am in a conundrum as to wether to purchase a double stroller...How do you moms handle a day at the mall? Errands? Do you sling the newborn and put the older sib. in the stroller? Is a double stroller worth it? Which one do you recommend? Do you have any other ideas? Does anyone know of a stroller when both kids can see in front of them? Of all of the strollers I have investigated, inevitably one child is staring at the back of the other's head and has no view...Does anyone have...


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Carseat for Airplane/travel

Does anyone have suggestions for a good 'travel' car seat for a 7 month old? Our little girl recently outgrew her infant car seat, and I'll be traveling alone with her next month. We don't have a car seat on the other end, so I need to bring one with me, but I don't want to check the Britax we just bought, because I'm worried it will get banged up as checked luggage. I'm looking for something that's safe, easy to install (since I'll be moving it from car to car on vacation) and affordable. Thanks for your help!


Am I Spoiling My Baby

I just recently had my third baby. He is two months old now, and he seems to...