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Peg Perego Aria vs Pliko

Hi I am looking for a lightweight stroller with a tray for my 2 year old. We have a graco quattro and a chicco c5. The chicco is great and lightweight but it lacks a tray. The chicco also just got damaged during a flight and now I need to replace it. I cant seem to find many nice lightweight strollers with trays that arent super expensive. The Peg Perego aria seems really good, but I've read mixed online reviews. I think the Pliko sounds ideal and it has mostly excellent reviews, but its price is putting me off. So far these two seem...

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Looking for a Carseat or Pieces to an Old One

My husband and I just bought a second car. I went garage sale-ing to find a car seat and bought an evenflo universal base... then at another one I bought a full carseat set, Peg-Perego, Primo Viaggo LATCH system. The Peg-Perego was missing the two clips that hold the seatbelt on one side of the base. I thought bingo... now I know why I bought that evenflo base.... WRONG... the peg perego seat doesn't fit in the evenflo base. So now I have nothing that works. I'm going garage sale-ing again next weekend, but I thought in the mean-time I'd...


Which High Chair?

Hi moms! I am in the market for my baby's first high chair and I am having...