Bladder & Kidney: Toddler

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UTI In Toddlers

V.D. asks from Sacramento

Hello, my son 1 year old already had 3 uti. Recently when we did a urine culture test, proteus species were found. He was given antibiotics for some days and his feve...


4 Year Old with Bladder Infection?

M.C. asks from Denver

I think my daughter has a bladder infection. She couldn't pee before bed tonight because of the pain. I will start giving her 100% cranberry juice in the morning an...


4 Month Old with UTI

S.M. asks from Seattle

my 4 month old daughter was diagonosed with a UTI last tuesday. we did 3 days of an injectable antibiotic and now are on an oral antibiotic for the next 3 weeks until...


Urinary Reflux Disease in 18 Mo Old...

A.B. asks from St. Louis

My 18 mo old daughter was just given medication for a urinary tract infection...we're lucky we caught it because she didn't have a fever or anything, but every once i...


Kidney Reflux

M.C. asks from Tucson

My daughter is almost 4months old. She has been diagnosed with kidney reflux and has had many UTI's. She is now on a maintenance dose of antibiotic. Has anyone gone t...


VCUG After 1St UTI

E.B. asks from Greensboro

My daughter, who will be 3 in Feb., had her first UTI about 2 weeks ago. She was never febrile, and after a 2nd UA, seems to be completely cleared. The pedi recommend...


Bladder InfectionUTI

S.P. asks from Philadelphia

Has anyone had a child who has had a bladder infection/uti? My son is 16mo and for the past week he has been saying hurt. The first time he said it I asked him what h...


Seeking Relief from a Painfull UTI

L.R. asks from Chicago

OMG I have been on antibiotics for three days now and still no relief. Have turned into a cranberry from drinking so much cranberry juice. Was wondering if any of y...


Sporadic Symptoms - Toddler Yeast Infection?

S.B. asks from San Antonio

Hi moms, My 2 1/2 yr old daughter has been waking up in the middle of the night indicating her vagina is hurting. This happens very sporadically and she will som...


UTI In 18 Month Old That Won't Respond to Antibiotics

S.C. asks from Houston

Hi ladies! My 18 month old daughter has had a urinary tract infection for a couple of weeks. The doctor has prescribed multiple antibiotics which have been given ...