Undiagnosed Bladder Infection

Updated on August 21, 2012
H.C. asks from Atlanta, GA
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My daughter is 8 and she voided earlier. She came out of the bathroom and told me that it burned. I have always been one to get these types of infections. Is there nothing I can do for her outside of a doctor. I don't know that it is a bladder infection. A warm bath makes her feel better. I wanted to give her Azo, but I don't know if I can give an 8 year old that. Other than LOTS of water, what can I do until I get her to a doctor?

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answers from Phoenix on

She should go to the doctor. I had a string of bladder infections when I was younger that led to a very serious kidney infection. It's just a pee test to diagnose, no big deal, but she will need antibiotics. Cranberry juice is a PREVENTIVE measure, as Liv B. said. It DOES NOT treat a bladder intfection. Drinking lots of fluid will make her feel better, but the bacteria are still hanging out in there waiting to cause problems. I would take her in to urgent care rather than wait for the infection to get worse. If you are prone to bladder infections, you know that the symptoms can get exponentially worse in just 24 hours.

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answers from New York on

baths, especially bubble baths can be a source of bladder infection in children.

I am not familiar with AZO, but I would not give her any medication without first checking with the doctor - why don't you call the pedi on call?

Cranberry juice can be used as a preventative, it's acidic quality helps reduce the chance of bacterial growth.

Take her to the Doctor as soon as you can, you do not want to let a urinary tract infection linger without medical attention, it could spread to the kidneys and cause all kinds of problems.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I suggest you keep her out of bath water for a long while. They are really bad for girls. The soap and water eventually go inside the vaginal area and some does get in the urethra area. She may just have a rash down there too. That will often burn when warm water or warm urine hits it.

I would say you need to take a peek and see what is going on. Is her vulva red or is the urethra area red. It may have nothing to do with the actual act of urinating. It may have to do with a rash from maybe not wiping urine off and getting a bit galled.

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answers from Boston on

Cranberry juice and making sure she pees completely out. Apple & Eve makes a great cranberry + apple or cran + raspberry that is sweet but not a "cocktail" since cocktails are not 100% juice. I think it was recommended that we drink it slightly warm. But I would call the on-call doc or nurse now. And I believe AZO is only pain relief for UTI it does not cure them.

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answers from Athens on

Please take her to the dr. and have the Dr. evaluate her. You can make it worst by trying home remedies. If it is an UTI, the bacteria can travel to her kidneys. You don't want that. That is an even bigger problem. Once she starts taking an antibiotic she will feel some relief in a few hours. You know what it is like for yourself, don't put the child thru it.


answers from Redding on

I'd probably give her the Azo, maybe cut it in half? I know those work for me, it numbs your urethra so it doesnt hurt to pee. Then take her to the doc if she doesnt heal up on her own.

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