UTI Or Kidney Stones

Updated on January 19, 2016
M.L. asks from Conneaut, OH
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I will go see my dr when their offices open or go to the ER if my symptoms change, but right now I have a slight buring pain after I urinate. I am drinking a ton of water and alot of cranberry juice too. Its been 2 days and isn't getting worse or better. It isn't that i can't pee, or that it hurts when i start but the last little bit is when it hurts.

so obviously my dr will do the diagnosis but i'm just wondering if the symptoms are different for stones vs infection. My back doesn't hurt. That is a symptom for stones correct? and i'm thinking Stones would be so extremely painful that i would know it? Is it possible to have a tiny stone? and since i'm not doubled over screaming for drugs, would it pass on its own?

If it's and infection would i have a fever? Its been maybe 12 years since i've had a uti and i've only ever had a few but i thought it hurt right at the beginning and only a little would come out. Again enough pain that i new i needed care right away.

this isn't fun but not horrible either. Its been on my mind alot today and I really debated about asking because i know it gets people upset when medical questions are asked, and if so please just move along. but if you have experience with either, I could use some company. my one nurse friend is having a family vac weekend otherwise i would talk it over iwth her.

thank you everyone

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So What Happened?

drs was closed today, ended up at a walk in clinic the first walking no longer accepts my insurance had to drive across town 20 miles in white out blizzard,
the say it seems like it might be uti will send it out for cultures but in mean time get rx. more drivign all over.
thank you for your help.

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answers from Raleigh on

Sorry to hear I know it's a pain! Sounds more like a uti to me, even though you're drinking the cranberry juice (100% right?). I had one like this years ago and my dr said it was bad but didn't seem that bad since I was drinking so much fluid. If I hadn't been it would have felt way worse. I'd pick up some azo, keep the fluids coming, and get to your doc as soon as you can. Feel better!!

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answers from Springfield on

I have a history of kidney stones, and what you are describing definitely sounds like a UTI and not like a kidney stone. Usually with a kidney stone, it's all about the back pain and not about pain associated with urination. I say usually simply because that has not been my experience. Also, I've talked to many other people who have had kidney stones, and their experiences have been very similar to mine. Still, I'm not an expert.

I have had UTI's before, and what you're describing sounds about right. Even though what you are experiencing is tolerable, in the future I would not wait over a weekend for the doctor's office to open. If you have an urgent care nearby, I would go. The thing about UTI's is that if they are not treated soon enough, they can develop into a kidney infection. I had one of those about a year and a half ago. It kept me in the hospital for 5 days, followed by 3 days in bed at home. Kidney infections can be very serious, so this isn't something you want to take lightly.

If you can go to an Urgent Care or Prompt Care tonight, do it. It's important to get this checked out as soon as possible.

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answers from Portland on

Um, you will know if you have kidney stones. I have had them a few times and the pain was up there with childbirth. You don't have the 'sting' during urination unless you actually pass the stone. My nephew has pain to the point he vomits. Mine were dreadful, it's a pain on either your left or right side, almost like a muscle cramp x1000. They come in cycles or waves.... and percoset or vicodin is usually prescribed.

UTI's suck, Be sure not to take the Azo pain relievers, as they will mask the bacteria in the urine. Your doc will want a sample so they can culture it and will give you antibiotics to help knock it out. ONLY after the doctor's visit can you use the Azo for pain relief.

Lastly, the only cranberry juice which really helps is unsweetened cranberry juice. My doc also said making juicing celery can help. You want to avoid any sugar, which will feed the bacteria. No teas, nothing spicy which can irritate the bladder via the urine. No chocolates. No alcohol. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

This is not ER worthy, but if you have an urgent care drop in type place and some time you may run there and have your urine checked. Or grab some azo standard at the drug store to ride you over until you hit the dr tomorrow.... Really sounds a lot like a uti. Tons of water and REAL cranberry juice(NOT the cocktail). Hope you feel better soon, I know it's not the worst thing ever or anything as you already said, but it IS fairly miserable :(

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answers from Springfield on

could be a uti, yeast infection, a tp paper cut or even raw skin that the urine is irritating, a std, or other issue. i hope your feeling better with meds. and i hope its over soon!.



answers from San Francisco on

I just wanted to point out that kidney stones do NOT always cause paralyzing pain. The pain comes when the stone tries to pass, but when it is just hanging out in your kidney, you can get UTI's, kidney infections, etc., which can cause you to feel sick or in some pain. If you are passing a stone, now that you will definitely know (passing from kidney to bladder - from bladder to out isn't quite so painful).

If you are concerned, have high risk for stones, have other symptoms, etc., your doctor will order a test on your kidneys to see if there is a stone in there that is causing problems.

You can walk around for a long time with stones and have relatively little/manageable pain - believe me, I know. I have 5 stones right now that I am waiting to see if they are going to pass or be lasered and this is a very common thing with me :(

Good luck.


answers from Norfolk on

Yes, see your doctor asap.
You probably need a broad spectrum antibiotic.
Sounds like an infection.
Could be cystitis.
In the meantime, try putting 1 cup plain yogurt into your bath water and have a good soak (or apply yogurt directly to where it stings).






answers from Los Angeles on

Sounds like a UTI to me. Kidney stones cause extreme pain. It's unbearable in many cases. Kidney stones in general are very small, so even a tiny one would still give you a lot of pain. I also don't think they cause burning when you pee, but I'm not sure of that. If it is a stone, it is far more likely that you'll pass it than that you would need surgery to remove it, but in some cases they can give medications to break it apart/shrink it.

It really sounds more like a UTI to me and no, not all UTI's come with a fever. They often don't. I'd call the doctor in the morning and see what they recommend. Plan to drink a lot before you go as I'm sure they'll want a urine sample.



answers from Miami on

Does the rest of the area feel something off, Lilly? Could it be a yeast infection? Sometimes it hurts me to pee with a yeast infection.

I really don't think you have kidney stones. Passing a kidney stone is terrible. And yes, you can have a fever when passing a kidney stone, and you need to be in the hospital for that.

If I were you, I'd go to the regular doctor early in the morning. Try not to pee before going in. Give them a urine sample and ask them to check it for a UTI and for any blood in the urine.

I'd go that route before going to the ER. Keep us posted!



answers from Oklahoma City on


Kidney stones are like trying to put a goat head cockelburr through a coffee stirrer. They stick and plug the tube, move a tiny bit and literally tear holes and shred bits of the tube, then stick and block the flow, then move a tiny bit and repeat for hours, days, you puke every time it moves, you scream in pain when it stops because your kidneys are aching from not having the urine move down into the bladder.

There are so many specific symptoms that go along with a kidney stone that happen 99% of the time. A UTI is what you're describing. You don't have the symptoms of a Kidney Stone.

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