Yeast Infection Turned in to UTI

Updated on October 29, 2007
C.B. asks from Sulphur Springs, TX
4 answers

I got an yeast infection about a week ago from taking a bubble bath. I knew better than to do that, but anyways, Sunday I started seeing blood in my urine and had to even put on a panty liner. There is even a burning sensation when I urinate. So I am guessing that it has turned into a UTI. Anyone else have this problem? How much blood is normal with a UTI?

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answers from Houston on

I have never had blood with a UTI. I have only had the burning sensation while urinating and the frequent urgency to go to the bathroom and then there is hardly anything there. Can you call your OB/GYN's office and talk to a nurse to see if that is normal?

Good Luck!




answers from El Paso on

If you're seeing blood, you should make sure to see your doctor because that means the infection has spread to your kidneys, where it could possibly be spread to your bloodstream.

The yeast infection symptoms you were experiencing may have actually been the beginning signs of the UTI. I know I always become irritated when I have one.

I hope you get it all cleared up soon!


answers from Dallas on

I am on antibiotics now because I enjoyed a bubble bath. I knew better. I have now cloroxed my nice jet tub and it will be a place for plants from now own.

In the past, I have been more prone to the yeast infection. This time it is certainly UTI (with little blood in urine). It HURTS to go pee very badly (only til pain meds kick in). The prescription pain meds work fast. Just be aware that your urine will either be bright blue or glow in the dark orange.

You need to see the Dr. to have a culture done to make sure it has not spread to the kidneys, etc and to get on an antibiotic. In the past, if I have been prescribed an antibiotic, they have to prescribe the yeast infection pill right along with it. This time, Dr. Rovner gave me a special antibiotic that is for UTI's and I have had no issue with yeast infection, however, it does make me a little sick to my stomach.

I have 3 more days of meds and then a retest next week to make sure all the bad stuff is gone.

Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

You need to go to the doc and get some antibiotics. A UTI can turn into a kidney infection and worse.

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