Toddler's Urinary Infection?

Updated on October 09, 2010
A.S. asks from Eugene, OR
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With the doctors office not opening for a couple hours right now, I am looking for mom wisdom. My toddlers systems can be explained separately, together they concerned me. She has been saying her tummy hurts-the stomach flu has gone through our house and she has had it. She doesn't want to eat-she 2 and has always seem to be a picky eater. She has been wetting her pants, doesn't say I have to go, just does. When she does go on the pot it trickles out. She is newly potty taught and on vacation a couple weeks ago we used diapers and pull ups-could explain regression. I like I said stomach ache, low appetite, and instant urge to go says urinary infection. (with the 2 answers I changed it) She doesn't have a fever, but has had pneumonia 3 x with out one. I will take her to the doctor. My concern is my how husband will love it if I take her to the doctor because she is having trouble potty training. Especially since insurance ran out Oct 1. I want to know if you would do the same thing and if there are any thing else I am missing? Thanks.

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answers from Dallas on

If she doesn't have a fever I would suggest giving her cranberry juice or cranberry liquid or chews that you could get from a health food store. My son did this when we got back from Mexico. Started having small pee pee spots on his pants or say that he needed to go and then couldn't. I was lucky and he is able and willing to swallow the cranberry capsules that I use at times when it burns when I go potty. I did the juice and capsules for about four days straight and he is fine. If fever was included I would say that you probably need to see a doctor.
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answers from Portland on

I agree it is more likely a UTI. But that is a big deal for a toddler. Trust your instincts, if you think she needs to go then take her. If the husband is mad....tell him think how big the bill would be if you let the situation get worse and you had to make an ER trip.



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with Bethany. I had a severe kidney infection that landed me in the hospital for 7 days. I had no stomachache. The symptoms were horrible lower back pain, fever over 104, blacking out, and not being able to keep anything down. Its probably just a urinary tract infection.



answers from Portland on

Start her on some diluted cranberry juice and lots of water. Also, add in a kid's chewable probiotic. These can be found at Fred Meyer's health food section (refrigerated case) or other health food store. Stay away from sugars and carbs other than the cranberry juice.

Try to get her to tell you what it feels like when she pees. You might have to give her a few suggestions varying from good to bad to get the info. If she says it hurts to pee, bingo- doctor time.



answers from Portland on

I would take her to the doctor for sure - I've suffered from UTIs and they are miserable... there's no way I would let my daughter suffer if I even suspected one. And it will be a relief for you if it isn't one.


answers from Dallas on

They may test for a bladder infection. I doubt is kidneys. I've had a kidney infection. It put me in the hospital. I had severe flank pain, cold chills, high fever and could barely move.



answers from Portland on

Just to clarify, because everyone here is suggesting cranberry juice-- UTI's feed off sugar, so you need to get the *straight, unsweetened* cranberry juice. Often it's sold in concentrate form. Here's the deal with this, the straight cranberry can also give someone a sore stomach because of the acid content, so use thoughtfully.

Kids often aren't great at describing where exactly their aches are. Bladder infections do hurt, and a child this age might call it a tummy ache because of the location on the body. (No child has ever told me they had a bladder ache!) It's really hard to know.

You might consider getting your daughter to urgent care. This may have nothing to do with toilet training; she's may have got some bacteria caught in the urethra and the doctors will be able to give you antibiotics and pain relief medication. (There is an OTC for pain relief, but it's for adults, not children, and does mess up the urine tests, so do not give her any pain relief until this is figured out.)

I think you just have to listen to your mama instincts. If you feel she's got a UTI, take her in ASAP, because these can develop into kidney infections. And not to be snide, but your husband might have to just get over aren't the first parent to incur a medical bill because you had a concern which proved to be false. (I've worked forever with kids and have taken my son to the ER for what proved to be a cold, just because the symptoms were very troubling. $300 later...) Take good care and I hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

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