Bladder & Kidney: Tween

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Uti and Catheters

hello moms! my daughter had a uti a couple months ago and since then my pedi has been super proactive about getting all these tests done to make sure she doesn't have kidney problems. last week we had a vcug and an ultrasound done and she has reflux on both sides. the doctor performing the tests and my daughter's pedi said she needs to be on antibiotics for a year and then we have to do the tests again to see if she's outgrown this condition. i just hate for my daughter to be on antibiotics for an entire year, but the doctor said that...

Yeast Infection

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Chronic Yeast Infection in 10 y.o.

My 10 y.o. dd has been suffering from yeast infections for months. The diflucan helps a little, but not enough. She's tried yogurt and supplements, and been to the doctor at least 4 times. She has arthritis (immune disorder). It started when she was on antibiotics for several ear infections. I know that yeast infections at this age are fairly rare, but it really does seem to be a yeast infection (based on the doctors). Anyone know something to try, or would a gyn or some other specialist be a good choice?