Baby Backpacks: First Response

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My Son Forgot His Lunch Today - Was I Too Harsh?

T.T. asks from Washington DC

My son is nearly seven and about to start first grade. We've been talking a lot about how he has to start being more responsible for himself. An ongoing issue is wh...


Being Harassed by CPS Because My 10 Year Old Has a Normal Hygiene Problem

K.V. asks from San Diego

As a parent of a ten year old boy, I've done my research over the last few years as my son has gotten closer to puberty; Both through the web and through family membe...


Need on Advice If I Should Bring Stroller

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

We are going to Disney World for Xmas big vaction planned for 2 years now going with all my family so 16 of us all together. What I need to know is if anyone has gone...


Help with the Day to Day Grind!

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hello! Im new to the site and I was just wondering how all you great moms out there keep up with the day to day grind? I figure if you got a system that works and don...


Traveling with 3 Month Old

J.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi, In a few days my 3 month old and I will be traveling to Puerto Rico to visit family. He is a fussy baby and he now likes to sleep and nap while nursing on our ...


ONLY 20 Mins for Lunch and Recess!!

W.H. asks from Phoenix

Help! My little boy is a slow eater and very small for his age too. Now I find out that he will only have 20 minutes for lunch and recess together. That is simpl...


Breast Reduction Surgery for a 16 Year Old.

H.T. asks from Sheboygan

About a year ago my daughter started talking a lot about having back pain. She was a fairly active girl and I assumed it was probably just from a long volleyball seas...


Need Ideas for Effective, Reasonable Consequences

B.A. asks from Sacramento

Help! I need ideas. I have 4 children ages 7, almost 6, 4 and 2. My oldest 3 are girls. I am having a hard time coming up with consequences when they misbehave, p...


Three Kids Under 4...

K.C. asks from Portland

We are having a third baby boy in December, and of course that will change everything!! Right now I am looking for advice, knowledge, and experience help from other ...


Should I Hold My Daughter Back?

I.R. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is almost 5 but was born 10 weeks early. She is enrolled in kindergarten for September but I'm not sure she is ready. Emotionally and socially she is very...