Baby Backpacks: Puppets

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What to Do with the Piles and Piles of School Artwork?!

N.C. asks from Tucson

I'm desperately trying to get a handle on the chaos in my house that has gotten out of hand since my fourth baby was born in September. I am able to organize most th...


Flying with 4 Year Old for the 1St Time

J.W. asks from Peoria

In a few days my daughter and I will be flying out on vacation. She has never flown before. I have a backpack set up with toys that she picked out. Any other sugge...


What to Do About Son Acting Out in School

C.C. asks from Seattle

My son started all-day kindergarten this year, and all sorts of issues have arisen since he began. He is normally HIGHLY independent, but also tends to be a very happ...


Any Advice on Instilling Good Study Habits in Kids?

J.H. asks from Sacramento

My own parents were completely hands off when it came to my homework when I was a child. As a result, I don't know much about supervising my 2nd grader while she doe...


Good Videos for a 21 Month Old Toddler on Overseas Flight

A.M. asks from Great Falls

I am taking my 21 month old baby to Italy with my Mom on a vacation this May. We did not reserve a seat for my child but we are in a row of three seats, she with the ...


Need Your Favorite Dvds to Engage My 2 Year Old Toddler on 12 Hour Flites

J.R. asks from Miami

Dear Mommas, We are taking an international trip this Fall. While I hope our then 2 year old will sleep, realistically he will be awake during a good portion. Thu...


Air Travel with a Toddler

H.B. asks from Dallas

Hello, ladies. I am flying for the first time since I was a child, next week. I am 6 1/2 mos pregnant and I am taking along my rambuncious 2yr old. I need all the...


Flying with a 2 Year Old!

T.C. asks from Dallas

I am taking my 2 year old son on his first trip that will require a plane ride. I'm not really sure what to expect and I was hoping someone would have some advice. ...


Seeking Ideas to Occupy 18 Mo/old During Long Plane Ride

M.B. asks from Salt Lake City

My husband and I are planning a trip to West Africa this June. My husband will be going over before us so I will be flying alone with my 18 mo old. My daughter was ...


What Would You Suggest We Should Buy for Christmas for Our 5 Year Olds?

L.D. asks from Santa Fe

Hi and thanks for looking! We have one boy and one girl who will be 5 next month. We're looking for what to buy for them for Christmas this year. We are planning...