Pregnant with Fraternal Twins

Updated on January 09, 2013
S.W. asks from Olympia, WA
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I'm 14 weeks 3 days and I'm experiencing quickening with my babies it started yesterday I didn't tell anyone but its been happening all day I called my doctors office and left a message for the nurse to call me back I know what the flutters and butterflies feels like I'm a mother of two children already so I wanted to know if this is normal are too early in my pregnancy..

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answers from El Paso on

I wouldn't worry about it. The combination of being a subsequent pregnancy and the fact that it's twins with less room to move around would make it all easier to feel. Relax and enjoy! :)

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answers from Kansas City on

I've been told you feel it earlier with subsequent babies because you know what to look for.

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answers from Seattle on

I felt my baby a few weeks before 11 weeks (first ultrasound). So probably week 8.

While many people don't feel their babies move for months (2nd trimester), just as many feel them floating and bouncing around halfway through the 1st trimester (at 6-8 weeks).

A big part of that is the enervation (a lot of people dong have a lot of sensory info from their gut), and a big part is with first kids... Its often missed / mistaken as gas, or whatever. ((LOL, thank goodness for female doctors!!! Before women moved en masse into medicine male doctors were often completely full o' it. Ultrasounds help, too. When you're watching the bean bounce off your uterus the same time you feel a flutter, its pretty obvious what the flutter is!))

At 3.5 months pregnant / in your second trimester, I'd be surprised if you weren't feeling movement.

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answers from Atlanta on

With my second, I was feeling it by 15 weeks. I think it happens earlier with second/third children. Completely normal.

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answers from Fargo on

Yes....i felt my third one very early as well.....and i only had one in there. Congrats!!

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answers from Dallas on

Although most books say quickening happens later, I felt sure that I felt it with my second child at around 15 weeks. They do say its sooner with with later children, and perhaps twins makes it even earlier????

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answers from Hartford on

Of course it's normal. I'm confused as to why feeling the flutters would be abnormal (I'm assuming you mean abnormal to be synonymous with "not a good sign") when it's typical to feel them starting at 14/15 weeks.

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answers from Dallas on

I felt my first and only at 14.5 weeks!! I remember so vividly, because it wasn't just fluttering...I had a little ninja in my belly! I was also told when you are thin you feel them earlier, or when you've already had children. Your little ones only have so much space, too!! I wouldn't be real worried, it sounds totally feasible.

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answers from Redding on


You've got two little babies vying for space in very confined quarters. You don't just have one wiggler, you have two.

By 14 weeks, my babies, born separately, were rolling and turning and kicking. I wouldn't be too concerned as long as your doctor is monitoring things carefully.

You may have one baby who rests and another who stretches and rolls around a bit more.

I know people who have twins who could already tell the differences between them before they were ever even born.

Follow up with your doctor, but I bet everything is fine. Twins can tend to move more because they are trying to share such a small space as they get bigger.

Best wishes to you!



answers from Portland on

I felt the quickening super early with my second, a few weeks earlier than the books say it's possible to feel. It doesn't sound like there's anything to worry about.

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