Is It Possible to Feel Baby Move When Only 9 Weeks Pregnant?

Updated on June 20, 2010
H.B. asks from Clive, IA
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Has anyone ever felt their baby move VERY early on in pregnancy? I didn't feel my 1st until ~ 20 weeks, miscarried my second, and felt my third around 14 weeks. By my LMP, I'm 8 weeks and 6 days today, and I am definitely feeling what I felt with the others in terms of fetal movements. The other thing that's driving me insane is that I'm showing like when I was 5 months pregnant with the other ones! Makes it darned difficult to keep this from my boss. One woman only has so many "flowing" tops - lol. (Frankly, at this point, I'm wondering if the LMP wasn't a fluke although I had a negative pregnancy test the month prior.) I have my 1st OB appt in 3 weeks - can't wait for him to tell me I'm insane.

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answers from Phoenix on

I felt my first 4 move at 14 weeks and my fifth at 8 weeks. I was also showing really early with my fifth. Congratulations!

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answers from Topeka on

Since this is not your first KNOW what you are waiting to recognize those little butterfly wing feelings for what they are...your baby making his/her presence known to you!! Of course is is always possibly that you are further along that you think you are...especially since you are already "showing". Let the doctor give you a better idea of how far along you are when you go in to see him!! And by the way..why should it matter to your boss that you are pregnant?? They can't discriminate against you because of it!!



answers from Chicago on

I felt my baby move around 10weeks and was told that I couldn't feel her either. How do they know what you can and cannot feel? They chased her around during my ultrasounds as well. 2 weeks before she was born I had an hour and a half long NST because she would not rest long enough for them to get a baseline heart rate. Now at 3&1/2 months she rolls over and wants to stand all the time. When holding her in a standing position she wants to walk. Maybe you have a very active baby in you now. Best of luck to you both!!



answers from Portland on

I've heard it all happens sooner with subsequent pregnancies. That seems way early though. If it is, how cool is that?



answers from Seattle on

I felt mine quite early on... a couple weeks before the ultrasound. ((I have irregular periods... the sonogram turned out to be 11 weeks)). Everyone said it was gas... but the little bean bouncing around hit on the ultrasound at the same I'd feel the little flutters. He'd hit the wall, I'd feel a flutter, just as I had been.

I'm abnormally aware though, of my body since I'm adhd.


answers from Rochester on

I was wearing maternity clothes when I started my current job at 10 or 11 weeks pregnant (second pregnancy). I also felt him move around 9 weeks--just a flutter but I knew exactly what it was because I had felt it before. It was not consistent but picked up intermittently.

I am planning on telling my coordinator pretty early with our next child just because I share an office with her, I'll be showing early, I probably won't be able to wipe the smile off of my face, and I'm terribly impatient. Your OB shouldn't tell you you are insane, but might be skeptical. I also heard the heartbeat for my first son at 9 1/2 weeks.

You might be further along then if you did not have a normal cycle. One never knows. :)



answers from Minneapolis on

There are such things as flutters that one may feel early on; however, you might want to see your OB sooner if you feel like your LMP could be incorrect. If your menses are somewhat irregular, seeing the OB sooner or at least having an ultrasound could benefit you greatly...especially if you want to have antenatal testing done (as there's a time limit of 14-21 weeks gestation). Congratulations!



answers from Minneapolis on

Can you get your appt. moved up so you don't have to wait 3 weeks? Upon reading your post, my first thoughts were either that you are farther along than you think or the possibility of twins. I felt my second baby pretty early, but that was at 13 weeks. Even then, people didn't believe me. Good luck!


answers from Denver on

Doctors have told me "no" but I sure have.

My first one didn't feel like a "butterly" - he felt like a drum roll! Soon I could feel him going back & forth. The docs said I couldn't feel it, yet the ultrasound technician had to "chase" him. It was real.

He's 6 now and still bouncing off the walls!



answers from Minneapolis on

Very common to feel fetal movement as early as 8 weeks after the first baby. Also you start to show earlier with any pregnancy after the 1st. The uterus does not have as much tone and neither does your belly. SHHHH!!! SO it is very likely you have hit the nail on the head and know what you are feeling and that you are "showing". So, congratulations and in a few weeks at your doctor's appointment, tell them you are unsure of your dates (shhhh) and they will give you an ultra-sound for dates. Then you will get a true first peek at baby. CONGRATULATIONS!



answers from Omaha on

Have you been to your Dr and ruled out twins? They say that when you have twin you can feel them soon and of course get bigger quicker. I felt both of my kids early than normal but then I am on the thinner side and the babies were located closer to the front than the back. Good Luck... let us know what you Dr. Says.



answers from Redding on

I was the size of a house within 15 minutes of being pregnant with my second baby. The first time I felt my first baby move, it was fairly early on and it felt like a flutter. Almost like a gas bubble rolling around.
My second child....he rolled, kicked, jabbed, you could see an elbow sticking out.
It's so trippy, but so wonderful at the same time.
I barely looked pregnant full term with my first and looked full term with my second within 3 months. All pregnancies are different.
You may be a little farther along than you think.
You say you are 8 weeks plus 6 days which is actually 9 weeks and you're going to the OB in 3 weeks which means you'll be 12 weeks.
Cant you get in any sooner if someone else has a cancellation?
I would go nuts waiting 12 weeks to see my doctor, but that's just me.

Congratulations on your baby and I wish you a very healthy and happy pregnancy!



answers from Omaha on

In short no. Your baby is the size of a grape. Grape.. could you feel the hands or feet of something the size of a grape hitting you. lol

I just had a baby, my third, 6 months ago. Since then I've felt the phantom kicks as they call them quite a bit. I know now they are indeed just gas bubbles that feel remarkable similar to a baby moving. I would actually put money on, if I didn't know better, that I'm rather pregnant! lol! We are just so aware of our bodies, like my doctor repeatedly told me, when we are pregnant. It really is true.

With my first I was 22 weeks before I was sure, My daughter I didn't know I was pregnant till I was 16 week along but I felt her that day, and with my son I felt him at 16 weeks too. So I'm sure very soon here you will feel that baby. It just needs to get a tad bit bigger and stronger.

But that is just my scientific minded opinion.



answers from Orlando on

maybe you are further along than what you think? i didn't feel mine move until .. i think around 15 weeks but reading the posts below, it is completely possible to feel your baby move super early apparently!

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