What Age Should U Start Using Children's Shampoo and Not the Baby Shampoo?

Updated on December 10, 2006
K.G. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I was just wondering when can my two yr old and one yr old stop using baby shampoo and start using children's shampoo. I noticed with my two yr old that the baby shampoo doesnt seem to clean her hair and make it shiny like it used to. I would like to try children's shampoo with her but i am afraid it will hurt her eyes. anyone got any suggestions on what age to start using children's shampoo?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your advice and thoughts about children's tear free shampoo. I am going to buy some children's shampoo this week for my daughter. I was just afraid to use that stuff cuz i wasnt sure at what age you can start using the children's shampoo.

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answers from Rochester on

Most childrens shampoo is tear free so you can start when ever you would like. My kids use the suave for kids shampoo, it gets there hair really clean and doesn't cause a lot of tangles.



answers from Minneapolis on

I started using the children's tear free problay after one or two years old. I have a 5 year old now and as much as I want to use a tear free shampoo it doesn't work well with my little girls hair. I carefully use adult shampoo and conditioner which makes her thin fine hair more managable and looks better.But really you could use baby or children's tear free whenever or how ever long you needed too.



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I use the Johnsons Buddies. It works a little better than baby shampoo, and still tear free. I have also used the Circle of Friends from Trade Secret that is for kids. That is fun because it is fun scents (rootbeer, banana etc)



answers from Minneapolis on

I use whatever is on sale usually with my 2 1/2 yr old. I bought some childrens sport shampoo over a year ago for him (it is good for getting chlorine out and stuff, so cleans it well). It was also tear free, just about everything I have seen for kids is. I wouldn't use adult shampoo, unless you are careful about keeping it out of their eyes. I used to babysit 2 girls that were 4 and 5, and they used their mom's shampoo (I gave them a bath every time I babysat) and I didn't agree with them using that. They did not like to hold their heads back, and would rub it in their eyes themselves sometimes, and baby and children's shampoo is so cheap anyway, it didn't make sense for me to not use it. I think both of your kids are old enough - as long as it is tear free.



answers from Madison on

I started using the Kids Suave products on my dayughters hair when she was 2 1/2. I love how it works and it does make her hair shine and it's still tear free. I did try adult shampoo in the last few months because she is almost 6yrs old now but it made her hair look dull and flat. I hope this helps!

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