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How to cure tearing eye in toddler?

Read all 8 responses: "My 20mos. old daughter's right eye has been tearing for over a ... sores in the nose · baby eye color changes · cold sore herpes ...

Red Rims Under the Eyes?

To do a home treatment - use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo (cheap) mix it with a wash cloth to wash her eye lashes with; do it every other day and it ...

Tearing Eye

My newborn baby girl had a similar problem. I took her to the doctor because I was afraid she had an eye infection and he said it was a blocked tear duct, ...

Redness Under Eyes

my DD has redness just under her both of her eyes. the doc said it was ... My baby boy had it on his cheeks, just a little redness and slight bumpiness. ...

Watery Eyes in 2 Week Old

Esp. if you're breastfeeding. However, if the cat is sleeping next the baby, maybe. Some, watering of the eyes is normal in a newborn but I would definately ...

Toddler Blinking Eyes

I know an Eye doctor that sees babies and children in my area (SouthSide, off of St. Johns Bluff) if you want to go that route. Here's the website to help. ...

Awkward Eye Blinking

Get her eyes checked, by a peditrition eye specialist, not you peditrition or reg eye doctor. .... baby eye discharge · where does pink eye come from ...

5 1/2 Month Old, Does Not Look You Straight in Eye, Is That Normal?

Has anyone ever experienced this with a baby so young? Just concerned that me may have Lazy eyes or something, or wondering is it normal at this stage? ...

Keeping Baby from Getting Sick

Wash your hands, and be careful of your baby's eyes and mouth. That is where she is likely to pick it up from you. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...

2 Month Old Crossing His Eyes

Congrats on your new baby! Yes they do this, quite funny sometimes. Until they' re eye muscles get stronger this will happen off & on. Obviously if it is ...
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