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Clogged Tear Duct

Read all 9 responses: "my little one was recently diagnosed with a clogged tear duct. a ... My children did not have this problem but I did as an infant. ...

Hormones After Breastfeeding

I breast fed all my children and feel blessed to not have had a period until they were eating solids regularly at about 12 months. ...

Giving Cereal to Baby

I breast fed all my children as well. I gave them cereal in the morning for breakfast, lunch & at bedtime. I found that by giving the cereal at bedtime ...

Extended Breastfeeding

Aug 29, 2009 ... I b/f all of my children past age one; the longest was my last until age 2. By age 18 mos. they were usually only nursing at naptime and bed time. ...

Need Changing Table Advice

Maybe that's why I have arthritis in my knees now. One of my children is .... I used to make sure all my supplies were close and could get picked up with ...

When Do Babies Start Sleeping All Night

My Children did not sleep all night until they were a year old. but would only get up once a night after they where six months old. ...

Children Needing Comfort at Night

I currently have all three of my children in the same room. My daughter (3 1/2) has a tendancy to keep the youngest one up (18mo), but he does eventually ...

Anyone Heard of Being Allergic to Sunscreen?

All three of my children, and myself are all allergic to it!! When we sweat, it gets into the pores, and then break out into a rash :/ Coppertone and Water ...

Is MMR vaccine safe for a 1 year old?

My three children all got all their immunizations at the suggested ages - and ..... All three of my children have been vaccinated. I'm a pediatric ICU nurse ...

Double Stroller or Sit and Stand???

Sit and Stand all the way - my children were three years apart and it was a BLESSING, especially as my older child aged. The double stroller is too clunky ...
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  • side by side double in 2 answers "We went with a side-by-side double (COMBI). I wanted the girls to be able to interact ..."
  • major shift in hormones in 2 answers "Feeling down is probably caused by the major shift in hormones that your body is experiencing."
  • served its purpose in 2 answers "I had the duo glider and it served it's purpose, but not very well."
  • start sleeping through the night in 2 answers "I was always told that a baby would start sleeping through the night at 12 lbs."