How Did You Tell Your Family About Baby #2? - Westchester,IL

Updated on October 05, 2009
T.B. asks from Westchester, IL
5 answers

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for cute suggestions on breaking the news to our family that baby #2 is on the way.


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I went and took pictures with my daughter (then 14 months). We did some of her hugging my tummy, her pointing to my belly button, and with both of us showing our tummys. I then put a collage of them in a frame with the caption "surprise, kaia's going to be a big sister!" I gave the frame to my husband for father's day.
For the grandparents, we gave each set one picture of her pointing to my tummy. The picture had a speech bubble (like in the comics) saying "I'm gonna be a big sister!"
For the extended family, we got lucky because there was a big family party, so I got my daughter a tshirt that said "Big sis in training" and she wore it to that event so we could tell them all at once. You'd be surprised how many people didn't get it :)
She wore that shirt if we ever wanted to tell people in person. For lost distance fam/friends, we emailed a copy of photo we gave to the grandparents.

We got the pics done at Target, and it was pretty cheap, but you could certainly do them yourself too.



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We had #1 wear a t-shirt that said, "I'm a big brother." We didn't say anything...just waited for someone to notice...It didn't take very long! :) Congrats!!



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I spelled out "I'm Prego" with my daughter's Leap Frog Fridge letters and left it on the fridge for everyone to see. (even my husband didn't know and was surprised - have it on video too!!)



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We too put our son in an "I'm a big brother" t-shirt, held a bbq at our house, and then let people figure it out on their own. It was funny to see them read the shirt and then have their eyes fly wide open!



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Congrats T.

We took a picture of our daughter with a sign that said "I'm going to be a big sister"...and the due date....we then mailed a bunch of pictures to the family with this one at the bottom. Never received so many phone calls all at once.

Good luck to you.


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