Fun Way to Tell My Father I'm Pregnant :)

Updated on June 16, 2011
M.L. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Hi everyone. So I am 11 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and will be traveling to visit my father tomorrow. I have not told him yet because I really wanted to do it in person, and yes he will be happy! I would like to make this announcement fun and enjoyable because the last time I told him I was pregnant I was 18 and he was less than thrilled. I am now 27 and married so he will be more than happy, not that he doesn't completely love his granddaughter! So any ideas....I'm completely blank! Thank you in advance!


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answers from Anchorage on

Get a onsie that says something like "my grandpas the best" or whatever and than give it to grandpa wrapped up. I did something similar to my hubby, gave him a gift with a card that said "you are going to need these" and inside was a onsie that said "worlds best dad" and a baby bottle. He about fainted!

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answers from Washington DC on

I found a T-Shirt with a "port hole" and a baby in it...that's how i told my parents I was pregnant took my mom a minute to register...but everyone thought it was cute!! I wore it on the airplane so I when they saw us get off the plane (this was before 9/11 and you could meet people at the gate) was estatic - again - took my mom a minute or two to realize what I was wearing..

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answers from Chicago on

Get a photo frame and in it put a photo with you and your hubby and child. put in a note that says frame $1 new shirts $5 the fact that there are 4 people in the photo not 3 priceless ..........

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answers from Spokane on

We gave our parents bibs that said "I love my Grandma/Grandpa" FIL thought they were for our dog until my MIL started crying!! We'd been trying for almost 2 years.

With our second one we made a "guess who's going to be a big sister" shirt, but it took people *forever* to notice it! I finally had to ask "so, what do you think of C's shirt?"

With our third we just told was old news by then ;o) hahaha

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answers from New York on

If your daughter is going to be there put a I'm going to be a big sister t shirt on her and let her do the announcing.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I was several weeks less than 11 weeks when I visited my father and he knew the second I hugged him! When my brother asked him later how he knew for sure, he said "she had boobs!" At 11 weeks, he would've known the second he SAW me!

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answers from Los Angeles on


Here are a few fun ways:

*Have your daughter wear a shirt saying "Big Sister"
*Frame a copy of the ultrasound and hand it to him. In my experience, this is most effective when recipients are wearing any necessary eyeglasses, LOL.
*When we announced our last baby, we took a picture with our older daughter (then 21 months) holding a poster that read, "Guess who's going to be a big sister!" And another picture of her handing that poster to her brother (then 16 years). Since you'll be face to face, you could have your daughter carry a sign.

I'm sure you'll get even more creative answers, but those are a few things we've done.

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answers from Visalia on

buy a infant t-shirt that says 'greatest grandpa' or something like that. or buy baby socks or a rattler, etc.and leave them around the house.

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answers from Washington DC on

Bring him a tshirt that says "I love my grandCHILDREN" on it.
Write "Hi Gramps" on your tummy and lift your shirt when appropriate.
Buy a card that says "Congratualtions on your new grandchild" and write what you want to say in it.

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answers from Denver on

I like the ideas you have gotten here already. Defintiely come right out and say it and don't leave things around the house as you want him to know that you want him to know and are not trying to keep him in the dark. If you don't have any ultrasound pictures yet give him a frame with two openings and the blank one can say to be filled (due date)

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answers from Norfolk on

One of the cutest ways I've seen to let family know you're going to have a baby, I actually read about on this site! Get the whole family together for a photo when you arrive at your dad's. Have your husband take the picture, and instead of having him say "Everyone say 'cheese'" have him say "Okay, everybody say 'M. is pregnant!'" And then have him snap the picture. Ah, a priceless memory captured forever. Congratulations!

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answers from Houston on

One thing would be a poem I read once:

Just thought I should tell you,
Just thought you should know,
That you'll be a Grandpa
in 7 months or so.

You could give him an early Father's Day card or something with that in it.
Everyone has really cute ideas here. And btw, congratulations! :D


answers from Springfield on

When we were pregnant with our first, I knitted a pair of baby booties and gave them to my father on Father's Day. When he unwrapped the small package, at first he thought they were covers for his new putters (he's a golf nut) or doggie shoes for their dog, but then his eyes opened wide and he said "Really?!" It was a fun way to break it to him.


answers from Detroit on

My daughter wore a shirt that said "I have a Secret" on the front and on the back it read, "I 'm going to be a Big Sister." This is how we told my parents and it was a HIT :)

I found the shirt online. There may be t-shirt iron on kids where you can make your own too.

Congrats!! What a fun time for you!



answers from Austin on

Try your best to set up a camera and record it! We have video of telling our parents (and when I told my husband) and that video is so special! We framed a pic of the sonogram and told them to open it! Took them a bit to tell what it was, but it was neat to see them realize it on their own. Good luck and congrats!!



answers from Austin on

The way we announced our first baby was at Christmas... we had found a small stork "cake topper" and wrapped it up.

When my parents opened it up, my M. "got it" immediately... my dad was a bit more confused! He looked at it, looked again, and said "That's nice" ,.... in the tone of "Ok, thanks for the gift, but I don't know what I'll use it for" ......

Finally my M. said... "what is it?" he said..."A bird...." my M. said.. "what kind of bird?" my dad said "A stork?????" And finally understood!

That was a priceless memory, even 28 years later!



answers from San Antonio on

I bought a stuffed animal that held a giftcard. I made a copy of my pregnancy test and put it in the holder. I purchased one for my MIL, my parents and my sister and we all went to dinner and I gave it to them then.


answers from Dover on

We gave the grandparents a gift bag with bibs that said "I love grandma" and I love grandpa" when we were expecting our daughter (I already had a 15 year old son). My MIL started crying!

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