Help with Treating a 2 Week Old Infants Cold

Updated on May 21, 2009
N.L. asks from Cincinnati, OH
11 answers

I have a 2 week old infant that gotten a very stuffy nose thats hard to get rid of. I am in desperate need of advice on what to do.

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answers from Columbus on

My son got a "cold" around the same age, i was told to run a humidifier in his room (my room since h was still in the bassinet), sit in the bathroom with him while the shower runs, put a blanket under his matress to keep him elevated, and saline nose drops. i think a combination of those things eventually helped! that's so tough cause they are sooo little and there's not much you can do! good luck!
:) K.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Need to get copies of NATURALLY HEALTHY BABIES & CHILDREN by Romm and




answers from Cleveland on

My baby had a cold for about 2 months and it was very frustrating. I put a humidifier in her room and, as a last resort, used the saline drops. They don't like it but it helps. The other thing that helps is a really warm bath. The steam helps the congestion come out. Other than that, you should let it run its course. And, make sure you wash pacifiers or other things that your baby plays with or sucks on so she doesn't keep getting her cold back (a lesson we learned the hard way)]

Hope this helps!



answers from Cincinnati on

At two weeks it could be a cold but it could also be extra mucus from just being born too. All three of my kids had alot of mucus right after they were born. It seems like they would gag on it sometimes too and they would sound stuffy. If you want the ped. to take a look just for piece of mind then you can do that but just keep running the humidifier and I am sure it will go away soon. You could use the suction ball too that they give you to gently clean it out too. Congrats and good luck!



answers from Fort Wayne on sorry your little one is not feeling well. It's so hard to see them sick. Especially two weeks...

Have you called the pediatrician? I'm sure they don't want to prescribe any meds being so little. I would try a humidifier in the room the baby sleeps in at night. You can get one with a vicks vaporizer too. I wouldn't use any over the counter meds or baby vicks being so young. Try to prop the baby up when sleeping too, just incase they are phlegmy and that will help from choking while sleeping. If you can't get rid of the cold for a while, you may want to ask your doctor about Acid Reflux. I sent out an inquiry a while back re my 10 month old with a cold that lasted forever. A lot of moms said to check acid reflux, even my pediatrician said if the cold is so persistent it could be that. We tested her and it came back okay (slight acid reflux), but it was ruled out. Good luck and I hope your little one gets well soon!



answers from Toledo on

Put a vaporizor/humidifier in her room or whichever room she spends the most time in. Keep using the nasal aspirator from the hospital (the one with the long neck on it, the ones with the shorter ones don't get as much in my opinion). You can also get some stuff called Little Noses. It is just a saline solution. A couple of drops in each notril combined with the aspirator will do wonders for her. If you don't have the means to go and get any now, you can mke it yourself. Combine 1/2 tsp salt with 1 cup of warm tap water. Just be sure the salt is full disolved before you use it. If it hasn't cleared up within 2 days, you should surely be calling the pediatrician.



answers from Dayton on

I agree it's worth contacting your pediatrician, but for future reference, here is a GREAT nasal aspirator. It seems gross but isn't, it works really well:

Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

Being that young, I think the only thing you can do is run a humidifer to help the baby breathe. I have never tried this, but I have heard a number of people putting their child in the car seat in the house so they can sleep better. Apparently, the slightly upright position helps.



answers from Indianapolis on

Since your baby is so very young at only 2 weeks old, you should call your Pediatrican for their help and advise. Could be just a stuffy nose, but it could also be that something else is also going on that needs to be treated and cared for. Always best to check with the doctor with such a young infant.



answers from Toledo on

hello N.. i am really hopeful that you have already taken her to the pediatrician. 2 month olds dont get colds very easily. and if they do, then they usually turn into something else worse before it gets better : ear infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, or RSV. so please tell me that you dont need my advice because you have already had her diagnosed by the ped.




answers from Elkhart on

saline spray and anaspirator

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