Cake Ideas for 1St Birthday Party Princess Theme

Updated on April 27, 2007
J.R. asks from Memphis, TN
6 answers

Is it just me or are cakes very expensive these days? Are there any places that have cakes that are reasonbly priced and taste delicious?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone! I decided to go with Costco and have my mother-in-law make a small cake for the bithday girl. Thank you so much for all your help!!

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answers from Memphis on

Drapers Catering does cakes that can be themed. Depending on the size of the cake, it can be anywhere from $30-$100. They're really good.

If you want more cost effective, CostCo and Sam's has pretty good cakes for really affordable prices.



answers from Memphis on

Miss Muff'n is a gourmet bakery where you can get delicious cakes for around $30 with their names or other decorations on them.

Your daughter, fortunately, will absolutely not care what the cake tastes like (or probably looks like), so I'd take advantage of the box mixes for this occasion!



answers from San Diego on

Costco makes delicious cakes for a very reasonable price. The design options are limited - but there is a cute princess design for girls. The cakes run about $15 for a 1/2 sheet.



answers from Memphis on

They did my wedding cake and it was delicious, beautiful and reasonably priced. I had a three-tier for a baby shower $80! Beutiful! The only thing is they are located in West Memphis and do not deliver. It's not that bad of a drive. Especially if you'd really like to have a custom cake at a reasonable price. Check out their photo gallery online. You'll be impressed. However, if you just want something simple...KROGER! We did my son's 1st BDay in Sesame Street and they had a half sheet, decorated nicely and tasted wonderful, for $30. (WHITE CAKE/BUTTERCREAM ICING)

I hope this helps!



answers from Memphis on

Sam's club or Walmart have great cakes that are delicious and look great! You can get half a sheet for around $20 or so. They have really cute princess cakes too, I remember seeing some when my son had his fourth birthday!



answers from Memphis on

I have one word for you - Costco. The cakes are absolutely delicious and plenty big enough for a crowd. It is what they call a half sheet size and you pick the design. You also pick the flavor of cake, the filling (yes, filling), and the frosting. They even have cream cheese frosting and you can even get a carrot cake for a little bit more. They are only about $15.00.

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