Good Birthday Cakes?

Updated on May 20, 2011
M.D. asks from San Francisco, CA
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My son will be turning 4 soon and I'm looking into good birthday cakes. He loves the movie Cars and anything with superheroes, but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg. Just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions other than safeway or baskin robbins. I'm open to the cupcake route, too. Thanks for any recommendations!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I know that you can get cakes from costco,bjs or sams club. they have a great whip cream frosting and taste great. you can get a sheet cake for probably twenty dollars or so. good luck

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answers from Sacramento on

My mom has been buying my son's birthday cakes for the last couple of birthdays as her donation to the birthday party (yay grandma). She buys them from Walmart. The cakes are pretty tasty and cutely decorated. I know she wouldn't buy it if the price wasn't right, since my mom is thrifty.



answers from San Francisco on

There have been many birthdays that I get a plainly decorated 1/2 sheet cake from Costcowith "Happy Birthday___________" then add my own flair with toy cars or underwater plastic creatures or princess items. I have had soooo many compliments on my cakes and then disclose my secret...and it is only 14.99...but I think the price just went up a buck recently.

Good Luck!!!



answers from Cleveland on

walmart does GREAT cakes so does giant eagle for a half sheet is around 30 dollars i think



answers from Seattle on

Willing to make them yourself?

Here's a classic car cupcake tin. Just use cake mix with CORN oil (baking trick... keeps cakes moist and delectable for days and even up to 2 weeks before going stale) instead of veggie oil, and frost in different colors.

To save BIG bucks, make your own frosting. Sooooooo cheap (the cost of powdered sugar and food coloring).

From tin to mix to frosting (homemade) the whole thing will run $30-40. Plan on baking and decorating 2 days before to save on stress.

I made "Minion Cakes" to go with the movie we saw (Despicable Me) and the kids LOVED each having their "own" cake. I just stuck the candles 1 per minion.

For added shebang (not really necessary w/ 4yos) there's also 'edible pixie dust' that you can get at a cake shop. Adds a pearlescent glow/ finishing touch. Comes in about 40 different colors... I usually just do gold or silver.


answers from Bloomington on

Sam's Club is very reasonable if you have a membership.



answers from Dallas on

I always buy our cakes at Sams. We usually get the buttercream frosting but we have had the whipped and it is good too. The cake itself is really moist and they do a great job decorating the cakes.



answers from Los Angeles on

At my granddaughter's birthday party, the cake looked like a normal sheet cake, but underneath it was cupcakes! Not sure where my daughter-in-law got the cake, but it sure was a great idea. All you had to do was break a cupcake off, no slicing, plates/forks, etc needed.



answers from Chicago on

I love the cake from Costco and Super Target. Target has more variety of decorations, and probably does a Cars design.


answers from San Antonio on

Are you a Sam's Club member? They offer Cars & Spiderman character cakes/cup cakes and they are MUCH cheaper than the grocery store. And they taste pretty good too! Here's a picture from their website:

If you don't have a membership maybe a friend of yours does and can order the cake for you.

Good luck! 4 is SUCH a fun age!!! :)



answers from San Francisco on

Most Michaels and party places sell the Wilton Lightening McQueen cake pan. You can buy their set of icing colors (i like because they dont change the taste) and just frost with a knife instead of using decoration sets. (I like the decoration stuff) If you buy one frosting tip you can just use a ziplock bag asa frosting bag. If you need to do fine lines I like their premixed tubes...but you need one tip for them.



answers from Anchorage on

I really like the sams club cakes with the whipped frosting. It is very moist and the frosting tastes like whip cream. :) they have many choices for decorations including the " Cars" theme. They also sell cupcakes.



answers from San Francisco on

We like Gerry's Cakes in Menlo Park! They are a nice mom & pop place with lots of choices and very awesome designs. They aren't super cheap though but WAY better than Safeway etc. There's also a place called Sweetcakes in Redwood City that I haven't tried but would be interested in hearing about :) A little farther is Copenhagen in Burlingame too. Have fun eating cake and celebrating!



answers from Dallas on

Target puts out samples of cakes and seriously, I could not believe how light and fluffy their cakes are. I haven't ordered one there, but I've seen the book they have that you can order from - there are cars cakes, probably for around $20 or so.

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