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3Rd Birthday - Princess Theme

My daughter is turning three next week and wants a princess themed party. I need ideas on WHAT to do at the party. Is she too young for a bounce house? We will only have 5 other children. Is there a group that will dress up as a princess to make an appearance? Where can I find a princess cake? Thank you all in advance for your assistance!


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Princess B-day Party/need Character

I am looking for a person that dresses up as a sleeping beauty character for my daughter's 5th b-day. Someone who does some magic and face paint, etc. Is there anyone on the westside someone could recommend. Your help is greaty appreciated thanks, B.


Son's First B-day

Hey everyone. I have a question. My son is going to be one in two weeks...


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Paying for Wedding Expenses

My 36 year old son is marrying for the 3rd time. He is a single father and for the past 3 years he and his 2 children have lived with my husband and me. One of his children is a special needs child and we have had a huge responsibility taking care of her so he could work. My husband and I pay a lot of their living expenses every month and keep the children so he can work. He is engaged to a 27 year old and this is her first wedding. Because they are adults and have been engaged for 3 years and we have paid for 2 of his weddings already, we...


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