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Peapod Travel Bed/tent?

Has anyone tried the Pea Pod travel bed/tent? My daughter is now too long for the pack and play but SO not ready for a big bed. We have a fair amount...


Travel Bed

Hi I have a large son who just turned 2. He is about 3 ft 1 inches and weighs 4...


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Too Much Princess?

My parents watch my 2 year old two days a week and are great with her. They have more than just a occasional grandparent role in her life and have a bi...


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Son Who Loves Pink

My 3, almost 4, year old son has recently declared that pink is his favorite col...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Cloth Diapering

I have a four-month-old daughter, and I am thinking about cloth diapering. My four-year-old son only wore disposable diapers, so this is all new to me....


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Hair Loss After Birth

Dear ladies: I hear that after giving birth, one's thick mane of hair falls ...

Healthcare Providers

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Mean Dentist?

Last year, we took our 4 year old to the dentist for a check up. I think it has been her 2nd time going. She was very nervous about going. The time ...


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Illnesses & Symptoms

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Chigger Bites Won't Heal!!!

My 22 month old son has chigger bites that will not heal, we have a prescription cream from the doctor and it isn't even working any suggestions?...


Colic Help

My 6 week old is suffering from colic. I've had the doctor look at her & he said...

Mental Health

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Need Help with Dealing with Anxiety

I have a 10 1/2 month old beautiful daughter who I love with all my heart, but it seems like every time she goes to sleep I worry that she is gonna die...


Is It the Same Thing?

Okay, here's one that will get MMP talking. :-) Today I saw an article which ...


Itchy Bottoms?

Ok, my daughter is 3, and will be 4 in July. She is starting a new "daycare" at ...

Potty Training

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Time to Potty Train?

sooo alexis (16 months old) is now in the habit of taking her diaper off. even i...


When to Potty Train?

I am at a stump here as to when is the right time to try potty training. My 18 ...


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My Baby Has a Cold

My 8 1/2 week old little girls has a cold. She has mucus in the back of her throat and in her nose. Yesterday she started the coughing which means it h...

Sleeping Habits

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Bedtime Blues

Hi I am a mother of three daughters one 8 one 6 and my youngest 18 months.My question is about bedtime I have always rocked my children to sleep at nig...


Problems with Bedtime

My daughter Morgan is two and a half and never goes to sleep without screaming f...

Stages & Milestones

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5 Years Old Potty Training

My 5 year old daughter is still not responding to toilet training. I have tried everything from prizes to stickers to be a "big" girl. I was told whe...


Baby Bug Hitting?

Hi there, Well, my little princess is about to celebrate her first birthday i...


Spoiled Brat

I have recently notice some more "spoiled brat" tendencies in my 3.5 year old. S...