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Peapod Travel Bed/tent?

Has anyone tried the Pea Pod travel bed/tent? My daughter is now too long for the pack and play but SO not ready for a big bed. We have a fair amount of travel over the next several months and I'm looking into other options. Someone recommended the PeaPod and I was just curious if anyone else has tried it. If so, did it work well and how old were the kids. Thanks!


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Too Much Princess?

My parents watch my 2 year old two days a week and are great with her. They have more than just a occasional grandparent role in her life and have a big influence on her. No offense to anyone, but my husband and I don't like princess and all things girly for her. She certainly wears pink and has dolls, but we also expose her to Curious George, Elmo, sports etc. We just don't love princess as a role model. My parents are over the top on all things princess, dance, frilly, etc and it is starting to annoy us. She came home with 2 princess...


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"My Princess Boy" and "What Would You Do"...

I have a little girl (two actually) that are 1/2 princess, 1/2 tomboy. My 3 y/o has an iron man mask, pirate costumes, police costumes, as well as princess and fairy costumes. I have no issue with her playing with trucks or trains or cars. I seriously cannot understand why it's so "unheard" of to have boys play house or barbies. How many of you moms would be weirded out if your boy would be intersested in this kind of play? I have no boys yet, but my hubby agrees with me.


Son Who Loves Pink

My 3, almost 4, year old son has recently declared that pink is his favorite...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Taking a Baby on a Cruise - Yikes!

We're going on a cruise with my husband's family to celebrate his mother's 70th bday next month and I'm very anxious about how i'm going to pack for a week long trip. My son will be 10 months old in January, so still on baby food and diapers. This past weekend, we drove down to LA and the entire car was packed with all sorts of things - diapers, clothing, toys, babyfood, formula (no longer nursing), and all the other necessities. That was just for a 3-day trip! I have no idea how I'm going to pack everything we need for a 8 day trip ...


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Need Advice: Changing OB/GYN Late in Pregnancy

I've been getting prenatal care from my OB/GYN since my 6th week of pregnancy. I've endured unprofessional attitudes from his staff and just recently had an experience with an ultrasound technician that has made we and my husband want to change doctors. The doctor has a nonchalant type of personality which didn't bother me much until recently. At one point in my pregnancy, I was told to lose weight, then I was told to gain weight. Recently I was told that I'm measuring bigger than I should at this point in time, but I didn't weigh as...


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JFF - Have All Your Daughters Watched the Disney Princess Movies?

I ask because it came to my attention this week, that my 10 year daughter has never watched any of the Disney Princess Movies. I thought, how could this be? Simple birth order is the reason. My first daughter (now 24) was mesmerzied and we owned every Disney VHS and bought all the Costco princess sets, etc. Then 10 years later I have a son, followed by a daughter 3 years after him. My son was absorbed with Thomas the Tank, Bob the Builder, Blues Clues, plus technology had changed and we didn't own the princess movies on DVDs. So she...

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Chigger Bites Won't Heal!!!

My 22 month old son has chigger bites that will not heal, we have a prescription cream from the doctor and it isn't even working any suggestions?

Mental Health

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Need Help with Dealing with Anxiety

I have a 10 1/2 month old beautiful daughter who I love with all my heart, but it seems like every time she goes to sleep I worry that she is gonna die of sids. I know she is out of the highest danger for it, she is also very healthy. But I continue to worry about her. I have a baby monitor that goes under the mattress and monitors her breathing and sets off an alarm if 15 seconds go by with no breathing or movement, but once again I still worry. I'm a christian woman who prays about it and that helps alot but I just can't seem to conquer...

Potty Training

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Is My Almost 3 Yr Old Ready to Potty Train?

My daughter will be 3 in two months. I've tried to potty train several times. She has the amazing ability to stay dry in her new underpants. But I can't get her to go potty on her potty chair or on the big potty with a potty seat on it. She gets really excited to run to the potty when her watch goes off, but she will never do anything. Not ever yet. Only after less than a minute she'll say "done" and she'll hope off and I can't get her to stay sitting any longer with out the water works. She waits till she's put into diapers for nap...


Time to Potty Train?

sooo alexis (16 months old) is now in the habit of taking her diaper off....


When to Potty Train?

I am at a stump here as to when is the right time to try potty training. My...


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My Baby Has a Cold

My 8 1/2 week old little girls has a cold. She has mucus in the back of her throat and in her nose. Yesterday she started the coughing which means it has moved to her chest. Last night when I put her to bed it sounded like she was choking so I decided to put her in bed with me so if she did start to choke I would be right there. (She usually sleeps in a bassinet right next to me.) My question to you Mommies is what can I do to help her get over this cold faster? We adults would take some cold medicine and call it a day but what do you do...

Sleeping Habits

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Problems with Bedtime

My daughter Morgan is two and a half and never goes to sleep without screaming for at the least thirty minutes to the most and hour. I have no idea what to do to make this easier for me and her??? I have tried staying in the room with her to calm her down and she ends up kicking me and screaming more. I have also tried making her stay in her room by herself and cry herself to sleep but that is breaking my heart... i keep her on a pretty strict routine i pick her up from school and we come home eat, take a bath, play together, read, and...

Stages & Milestones

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5 Years Old Potty Training

My 5 year old daughter is still not responding to toilet training. I have tried everything from prizes to stickers to be a "big" girl. I was told when she was four if by five she still was not responding they might do tests. My doctor on her 5th year appointment just blew it off and said for me to try again. I not sure what to try or do. I was thinking of getting a second opinion but I like our pediatrician but I not sure if I am overreacting. I worried because She does not care if she is wet and I can not tell if she even realizes...


Baby Bug Hitting?

Hi there, Well, my little princess is about to celebrate her first...