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Branson- What to Do and Car Travel Suggestions

We are taking the three kids (6 year old twins and 3 year old - all girls)to Branson. We went last year and did Silver Dollar City and a couple of shows but are looking for something a little different. It is a 6 hour drive and the kids and mom do not travel well (they drive me nuts :) so I'm trying to line up lots of entertainment. Just yesterday I told my daughter that I bought some Shirley Temple movies (we have a dvd player) and she said "But Mom, those are gray"! So, I need to be a little hipper in my planning :)


To Travel or Not...

I am about to start a full time job after freelancing for the last 7 years....

Infant Travel Advice

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Need Advice on Airplane Travel

Hello mommies, I am looking for some opinions from those of you who have traveled with your preschooler. My daughter is 3 1/2 and will be going on her first airplane ride in a few weeks. We are going to Disney with my husband's family. She, (and I!) are very excited. I have a few questions and would appreciate any info you could offer! 1. Did you bring a carseat on the plane? Is it absolutely necessary or would a booster do? 2. Any advice for take off? I do not let her have gum at this point. 3. Still deciding on the whole...

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Other Princess Options/ No Disney!

My almost 3 year old daughter has become very interested in princesses. We don't watch TV except for the occasional Mr. Rogers, but she has picked up "Disney Princess Fever" from some girls at her preschool. I am strongly against giving her anything with these princesses on it, because I feel they are way too skinny and way too sexualized for little girls. I am having trouble coming up with any alternatives. We find lots of great library books that have princesses that are magical, made of paper, little girls, etc, but where are they...


Five Hour Plane Ride

My family and I are planning to take a trip to New Jersey where my husband's...


Games for Car Ride

Hello fellow moms! We are about to take our 4 kids (ages 4-12) in a VERY...