Whole or Vitamin D Milk

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Whole Milk

K.D. asks from Philadelphia

My son just turned 1 on the 1st and we just started to give him whole milk, he likes it but I am not sure how much he is supposed to have per day. Anyone know? :)


Whole Milk

J.J. asks from Minneapolis

HELP!!!! My 14 month will not drink whole milk at this point. I'm currently mixing 3/4 whole milk with formula. I also try to put it into a sippy cup at meals for her...


Whole Milk

L.K. asks from Lancaster

hi everyone, my son is going to be a year old next week, and his doctor said i could start giving him whole milk. its been 3 days now that i've been giving him half f...


Whole Milk

A.M. asks from Portland

I am trying to get my son to drink whole milk or goat milk and I even tried soy because he just turned 1 and I want to stop breastfeeding I feel like I can't do that ...


Whole Milk

A.K. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, I have a question regarding my 10 month old little boy. Has any of you start your little one on whole milk a little earlier then a year. Some people ar...


Whole Milk

P.R. asks from Phoenix

Formula expires in an hour after mixing... Do whole milk have any such things? I usually take 6 oz around 10 pm it all depends on her mood... but Most of the ti...


Givng My 10 Month Old Whole Milk.

B.D. asks from Minneapolis

I was wondering if i am able to start giving my 10 month old son whole milk to try and wean him off formula and his bottle? I was thinking i could do half and half. H...


Milk Question

M.B. asks from Kansas City

I was just curious when it is ok to switch your child off of Vitamin D Milk to another type. My little girl is 21 months and was just curious how long they are suppo...


Milk or Formula?

M.A. asks from Omaha

When my 1st daughter (now four) was 10 months old, her ped told us it was fine to take her off of formula and put her on Vitamin D milk. He was an older Dr and did a...


Whole Milk

A.W. asks from Cleveland

My son recently started drinking whole milk. Right now he prefers it warmed up. I am currently using a bottle warmer and it works fine, the only problem I have is tha...