Breast Milk to Whole Mlik

Updated on June 21, 2010
A.N. asks from APO, AP
6 answers

Is it ok to give my 11 month old whole milk now or do I need to wait until 12 months?

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answers from Detroit on

HI A.----I have learned in a series of classes taught by a Naturopath who has her PhD in Nutrition that cows milk is not meant for humans. Cows milk is a highly allergenic food, and is implicated in Type 1 diabetes, acne, asthma and several other health problems, so subtle as to seldom be related to milk.

I am a reformed cows milk drinker. My family and I used to go through about 3 gallons every 2 days. But after reading long term research, we have stopped dairy. Please go to and to to learn more. Also, check these sites:

Feel free to contact me if you'd like more information on this subject. The research is clear, humans should not drink cows milk. But, you shouldn't take my word for it, please read the research for yourself. It is little known, but it makes sense that all of the advice to drink milk comes from the dairy manufacturers...can't blame them that they want to sell more milk. But cows milk is formulated to make baby cows grow into big cows as quickly as possible. I won't even get into the ethical issues of how cows are treated in todays large scale milking operations. It's unconscionable. Did you know that a cow can live 25 years or longer? But a dairy farm cow has to be 'put down' after 5 years of constant milking.

So, what are we to do as we are told that we are to get our calcium from milk? First, a balance and varied diet will get a body all of the calcium it needs on a daily basis. You will consume more absorbable calcium from leafy green veggies, without the saturated fat (and skim milk still has fat in skim concentrates the dangerous milk proteins). All plant milks are reasonable substitutes, you'll just have to find the one you like best. I prefer almond, it has fewer carbs that rice. My daughter likes soy, but I only use soy for cooking. And soy IS a healthful food, as long as it is organic/non-GMA, even for boys. That is another subject where there is a ton of misinformation out there. Please contact me before you make any decisions there. Again, I have tons of research I can share that will help.

Many healthful foods are enriched with calcium, such as orange juice. So, I hope that this has offered some info to help make your decision.

We simply drink water with meals. Good luck, in health, D.

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answers from Los Angeles on

At 11 months you can give your baby whole milk now and you don't need to boil it. I suggest you mix a little bit in with the formula today and tomorrow add more milk and less formula. In one week your baby should take a bottle of pure milk, if not then go back to half formula and half milk and try again.



answers from Stationed Overseas on


I would like to back up Diane. I am not totally reformed (I know milk is not good but I drink it because I like it) but I know that it is a lot better for us humans to stay away from most dairy product. Yoghurt is the better choice. Even soy is highly allergenic to some people. By the way wheat is also not very good for us humans. Rye and other grains are so much better.

And if you do milk then stay with whole milk because in skim milk and 1% milk starch is added, which you will not see listed as an ingredient and nobody that I talked to knows even about that.

The rule for healthy eating is a protein (egg, chicken, fish, meet, soy, beans etc) , vegetable, fruit all in one meal 3x/ day. And about 5 slices of non-wheat bread. No snacks, but lots of water. We humans nowadays don't need all the strach serverings like rice, potatoes. We don't work that hard anymore as our ancisters had to.

Good luck!




answers from Dallas on

I've given my daughter organic whole milk since she was about 10 months old. I just don't REPLACE any of her nursing times with whole milk. She is now 11 1/2 months old and only nursing 2 x's a day and will drink about a cup of milk a day and also about a cup of water a day. I really think it is fine to do. I've know lots of friends whose milk supply just really slowed down in the 11th month, and just did the same thing. Hope this helps!


answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A., you can give your baby whole milk, as long as you boil it first. You also may want to start with half milk half water and slowly decrease the water over the next 2 weeks to see how baby does with it. If baby becomes constipated take a step back to the previous milk to water ratio.
I hope I could be of help.
BTW, just a friendly suggestion, you may want to try adding spaces in your title of this question. I had a hard time making out the title because some of the words had reversed letters. Please don't take any offense, I just want to help.
Anyway, my absolute best to you and your baby.
A. P



answers from Norfolk on

Yes, I started all 3 of my girls at 11 months on cows milk. I would start out by giving them a little at dinner time in a sippy cup. I slowly increased the amount and how often they recieved it, by the time there 1st birthday's rolled around they were drinking milk at all 3 meals. They were completely done nursing by 13 months. The transition from breast milk to cows milk went smoothly.

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