Whole or Vitamin D Milk: Born free

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Born Free Bottles

M.B. asks from San Francisco

Is anyone else having trouble with Born Free bottles? My son liked them at first but he seems to have a hard time now. I have to change the nipple several times befor...


Nipple Change for Born Free Bottles

A.A. asks from Chicago

we use the born free bottles and their nipples come in stages (levels 1-3 and 2 extras). my husband and i were havinga dicussion on ifyou HAVE to change nipples. c...


Almost a Year and Does Not Want Whole Milk - Back to Breastfeeding - HELP

J.N. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 11 1/2 months old and I introduced whole milk in replace of her night time breastfeeding in preparation to wean her at a year old. She was drinking ab...


The Best Way to Ween My Daughter Slowly from Bottle to Cups and Whole Milk...

B.O. asks from Spokane

Hello everyone! First of all thank you for all the advice when my daughter was sick we are all fine now and she is eating well now. I am wondering she is 10 months ...


Weaning from Formula to Regular Milk and Going from Bottle to Cup

T.H. asks from Sacramento

So my son is now 9 months old and I want to switch him to regular milk. He seems to love Ice cream and not have a problem. I am almost out of formula and don't want t...


Advice Needed About Switching from Formula to Milk

S.M. asks from Augusta

Hi, I am hoping to get good advice on making the switch to cow's milk. My son (now 11 months) made a very smooth transition from breast to bottle, but lately he has ...


Proper Storage of Milk

M.B. asks from Rochester

I have been debating pumping for the past 5 months of 7. I am leery of the plastic and it's 'phthalates' and other garbage that is newly discovered in it. Now, I have...


Switching from Formula to Regular Milk

J.B. asks from Chicago

my daughter will be 10 months in 2 weeks, when can i start weaning her off formula and start giving her regular milk, and how do i wean her off the formula


Making the Switch from Formula to Milk

C.G. asks from Chicago

My 12 month old son needs to stop formula and start milk. Also, the Dr. would like to see him off of a bottle in the next couple of months. He drinks a sippy cup wi...


Bottles That Leak Poison into Milk

M.P. asks from Raleigh

Has anyone heard about plastic bottles that leak some kind of chemical into the baby's milk when the bottle is heated? If so, does anyone know which brands should be ...