Whole or Vitamin D Milk: Playtex

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Playtex Nipples

D.F. asks from Chicago

I would love some input from other moms who use the playtex nipples for the "drop-ins" bottles. When did you switch to the fast flow nipples as opposed to the slow flow?


Playtex Bottles

E.M. asks from Pittsburgh

It had been 12 years for me having an infant! I am waiting for my 2nd child to come any day now. I have the drop ins for the playtex bottles. How do mothers heat the ...


Playtex Drop-Ins System

V.K. asks from Saginaw

With my 2 1/2 year old, we tried nearly every bottle on the market before he settled on the Avent bottles. They were great, but I'm thinking with the next one (due i...


Need Help on How to Use Playtex Drop in Bottles Correctly

K.R. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 2 weeks old and I am using the Playtex Drop In bottles. I am not to sure about these. It seems that when I set the bottle down to burp her the bottle t...


Reusing Playtex Bottle Liners

K.L. asks from Miami

ok, I know the package says for single use only but does anybody know if its actually harmful to use them more than once? with proper washing and sterilization, I don...


Sippy Cups and Whole Milk

K.G. asks from Seattle

I have a thirteen-month old son, and I'm trying to transition him from bottles and formula to sippy cups and whole milk. He will only drink water out of sippy cups, ...


Traveling with Whole Milk for a 1 Year Old???

A.A. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! Ok this might be a really stupid question... my 15 month old son is still drinking whole milk of course and spending a day out of the house is getting to be...


Need Advice on Weaning to Whole Milk

V.B. asks from Dallas

My daughter will be a year old on Dec. 28th and I am in the process of weaning her from formula to whole milk. My pedi said to just give her milk in a cup at mealtim...


Microwaving Whole Milk?

B.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, My son has is turning 1 in about 60 minutes(!!!) and I wanted to start transitioning him over to cow's milk. During the day I think I'll just give it to ...


My 17 Month Old Will Not Drink Whole Milk.

K.H. asks from Spartanburg

I have tried and tried and tried. But, she won't drink whole milk. She eats the yo baby yogurt with whole milk, and she will eat cheese. But, she will not drink whole...