Whole or Vitamin D Milk: Meijer

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Meijer or Kroger

A.C. asks from Detroit

Has anyone compared prices at Meijer and Kroger? I can't tell which one has the lowest prices. It seems to me that maybe groceries are lower at Kroger while produce i...


Switching to Cows Milk

T.R. asks from Chicago

I just started my 11 and a half month old daughter on whole milk, my question is, what is whole milk? I have used the horizons organic whole milk just because it says...


What Kind of Cow Milk Do You Feed Your Tots?

T.S. asks from Champaign

Moms, I wonder what kind of cow milk you feed your kids? I heard HOrizon has a bad reputation. So, I switched to Organic Valley. I also find a local milk brand at nat...


Milk Allergy

L.W. asks from Chicago

My 3.5 year old son seems to have a milk allergy. The doctor recommended no dairy and substituting almond milk or rice milk. Does anyone have experience with these ...


Milk Allergy

S.G. asks from Chicago

My son has a severe milk allergy. He is currently 10 months old on Elecare. What kind of "milk" do I give him when he turns 1? Also, what about his birthday cake :(


Organic Milk??

L.T. asks from Grand Rapids

I've been feeding my daughter all organic foods, and as everyone knows, this is pretty expensive.... I was just enlightened by the fact that many dairy producers are...


Changing Diet from White Flour to Whole Wheat,etc

S.S. asks from Detroit

I would like to loose some weight (25-30 lbs)and I am considering changing our family's diet to whole wheat and cutting white four and sugar. I also know it is much h...


Brand of Soy Milk

K.L. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone have a particular brand of soy milk they recommend? My doctor recommended giving my 13 month old daughter soy milk instead of regular milk. I've been ge...


Where to Find Goat's Milk?

R.K. asks from Detroit

My 12 m.o. is not digesting milk well, and it has become apparent he is/has been sensitive to milk products. We have been using soy for a few weeks with good results...


When to Switch to Cow's Milk

S.B. asks from Detroit

I have a 9 and a half month old baby girl. She has been on the Enfamil Lipil formula which I have been purchasing for the last 7 months at $25 a can! I am just wond...