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Does Your Husband Have Annoying Habits?

K.J. asks from Nashville

Earlier I vented about how my husband never rinses the kitchen sink when he is finished and how he always spills red kool aid on the counter and doesn't clean it up t...


Good Gift for Twins?

M.W. asks from Chicago

My brother in law and his wife are having boy/girl twins. I want to give them a practical shower gift that they need and will use. I was thinking of putting together ...


Seeking Advice for Roof and Ceiling Repair

A.J. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms...I noticed some stains on our son's wall and on the ceiling of his bathroom. I think they must be coming from a leak in the roof, so I was wondering if anyo...


Am I the Only One?

K.D. asks from Dallas

I have a dilemma that I am unsure how to resolve or if I can resolve it. I have a boyfriend of eight years. We recently moved in together. Its been about seven months...


Need to Get Rid of Awfaul Cat Pee Smell

G.R. asks from Portland

Hi Fellow Moms; I have a rental property that was abused by the previous Tenants, it has hardwood floors through except for the batrhoom and kitchen that have lino...


Help Cleaning My Walls

L.K. asks from San Antonio

Hi. Can any of you moms with little VanGoghs like mine tell me how to get red crayon off of my white walls? I tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on a spot and it removes ...


Washing Machine Stains

A.L. asks from Sacramento

I seem to be having some problems with my washing machine. Everytime I wash and dry our clothes, a lot of them come out with weird stains on them. To me, the stains...


Sticky Wood

K.A. asks from Saginaw

Help! We have a half wall dividing our living room and dining room and the top of it is oak. I`ve tried everything to try to make it not feel sticky! Any suggestion...


"Little Altercation" at My Son's School

E.M. asks from Phoenix

So I picked my son up from school today and the aftercare teacher said those dreaded words..."I need to speak with you, because there was a little altercation today."...


How Can I Get It Off? Any Suggestions?

L.S. asks from Portland

Hello everyone, My son loves to color. We try and limit his coloring to the table since he started looking at my walls as a blank sheet of paper. He's an advid cli...