Stains from Wallpaper

Updated on March 30, 2009
K.P. asks from Athens, GA
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Hi All, My son decorated his wall with holiday gel clings that stick on windows. When we removed them it left a crimson stain/imprint of the clings. Does anyone know how I can remove the stain from the wallpaper?

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So What Happened?

Hi All,
Want to thank all of you have responded to my question. So far none of the things I've tried have worked. I will call the company tomorrow to see if they can add anything. Will let you know if I find something that works. You are wonderful people.
thanks again,

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answers from Columbia on

I am personally not a fan of them, but did you try the magic eraser? Also, I have seen on TV shows that they use areosol hairspray to remove things from walls. You should test both on a small area that cannot be seen to make sure it doesn't damage the wall paper before you try it on larger areas. I also read online that you could try a new gum art eraser (look at an art supply or craft store) or if it looks like it is a grease based spot, sprinkle powder on the wall and allow it to absorb the grease then brush it off with a clean paint brush. I typed into google "How to remove spots from wallpaper" and about a million sites came up. I would try each idea until I found one that worked.

Good Luck!



answers from Atlanta on

My first thought was magic eraser, too.



answers from Savannah on

Try a magic eraser...they are with the cleaning supplies, there are off-brands too. I think the name brand is Mr. Clean. You just get them damp...they work miracles!
Also, you may want to be careful if the wall paper is textured



answers from Atlanta on

Call the company, I am sure they have some experience with this. :)



answers from Atlanta on

Try goof off and/or goo gone they both help with stains I've used both and they have saved me on so many things. I'd try goo gone first.



answers from Columbus on

hi, the only thing I can suggest is I know to get black permant marker off walls we use windex, or nail polish remover. but not sure if this will help, sorry. good luck.

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