Skecher's Twinkle Toes - How to Clean?

Updated on September 25, 2012
C.J. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
8 answers

My daughter had a potty accident and peed all in her Twinkle Toes. She just got them for school this year, so we don't want to throw them away. I just am not sure how to clean them. Since they have the rhinestones and lights, I'm afraid the washer will ruin them. Any ideas?? They were pretty saturated with urine, so they need to be more than just wiped down. Thanks in advance!

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answers from Tulsa on

I showered my daughters with shampoo. They dried and still light up. The old pair I put in the washer tore up right after so I would not do that again.
The velcro seperated from the fabric which is a first. Many of the rhinestones fell off as well.



answers from Washington DC on

Try hand washing with detergent and Oxy Clean or bleach for colors, let them soak for a while to get the smell out. You might have to do it twice. Dry in the sun, not dryer. Been there , done that with pee pee accident in kids shoes, lol. I have washed Twinkle Toes in the washer in a tied pillowcase on extra gentle but they weren't brand spanking new so I wasn't too concerned if they wore a little. You are going to lose some of the rhinestones anyway from wear and tear. I have noticed in the past that Sketchers don't hold up as well as I thought they would.


answers from Saginaw on

If it was me, I would just wash them. Yeah, you might loose the light up ability but everything else should be fine. I don't think there is any other real good way to get rid of pee smell.



answers from Norfolk on

i put all of our tennis shoes in the washer including those with lights...and im sure ive done our twinkle toes before. wash with towels or a full load to keep them from hitting the wall too often. either air dry aterwards or put in garment bag and hang over the door of the dryer and dry with the rest o the clothes. if you still dont want to do that just soak them in water with some of your detergent. it wont get it out all the way im sure but it should get the smell out and urine is sanitary i understand anyways.



answers from New York on

I know this is an old question but i just wanted to give an answer for moms looking today in the present. My daughter also had an accident but after looking on the internet for a while i decided my best choice was to wash them with a load of Towels (to prevent them from knocking onto the side of the machine) They came out great they smell amazing (i use ALL detergent with oxyclean already in it and snuggle softener) the lights all still work i am air drying them so not to aggravate the lights or potentially shrink the material.
I hope this helps moms now and in the future. I know looking at out dated information can be frustrating.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi C.,

I would have said baby wipes because they do wonders for dirty shoes. But for your needs maybe try that spray cleaner used to clean rugs after a puppy accident. That way you can control how wet to get them and there will not be any smell once they are clean and dry.

My daughter has Twinkle Toes too - I understand how important it is to salvage :)

Good luck,



answers from Richmond on

I would use a combination of just a drop of detergent (dish or laundry), a little Oxi clean or similar (baking soda will work too) and some vinegar - after it fizzes, mix well and use a toothbrush w/just a little of the mixture on the nastier parts of the shoes, follow w/a clean cloth w/a little mixture then wipe down with a dry cloth. That should clean and disinfect them and the vinegar should take away any smell. Good luck!



answers from Cumberland on

hand wash them in Woolite

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